The Great Departure in Greedfall is a main quest. The Great Departure serves as the game's prologue where players are given the opportunity to learn the combat and mechanics of the game, as well as further exploring Serene before setting sail for Teer Fradee. Main quests are objectives that need to be completed in order to progress the story or campaign of the game.


Main Quests in Greedfall



General Information


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Quest Objectives

  • Go and say goodbye to your mother
  • Meet Kurt in front of the palace
  • Notify the Bridge Alliance ambassador of your departure
  • Notify the Thélème ambassador of your departure
  • Discover where to find Constantin
  • Repair the damage (or)
  • Pay for the damage
  • Free Constantin
  • Find Constantin's clothes
  • Tell the Captain that you're ready
  • Get on board Captain Vasco's boat
  • Defeat the creature


NPCs in the area




Consumables & Materials


Key Items



  • Ruffian Thugs
  • Serene Gangsters


Full The Great Departure Walkthrough

The joruney starts in Serene, as you make further preparations for the great departure to Teer Fradee hoping to find and learn more about the cure it holds for the malichor plague.

De Sardet

The game starts where we find Mister De Sardet being painted by Sir de Cortone. Here, players will start with Character Creation, you will be able to choose the gender of your character, some facial structures, or by simply choosing a preset. After creating the character, you'll now be given the chance to choose your starting Class which is Magic, Technical, or Warrior. This will only determine the starting class which will include a preset of skills. Next, you'll be allowed to choose your starting Talent and Attribute, and as you progress through the game and increase the level of your character, you can gain Skill, Talent, and Attribute points upon reaching a certain character level. It is recommended to unlock the Charisma talent first since it slightly reduces merchants' prices and slightly improves your companions' combat abilities, and slightly increases the chance of success of some dialogue choices.

Once you're done, a cutscene will follow and Mr. de Courcillon will step in and remind you that you are about to set sail, De Sardet will then leave the room and players will gain control of the character.

Goodbye Mother

Upon gaining control of your character, follow your compass and head down to the open field and a cutscene will follow. You'll now get to meet your first companionKurt, he'll simply test your skills in battle and a brief tutorial focusing on the combat system of the game will follow. Here you'll be able to learn how to dodge, parry, heal, use the Active Pause mechanic, and also use the unique skills you've acquired upon selecting your starting class. Simply follow the tutorial to progress the game.

After the tutorial, follow your the quest marker on your compass to go and say goodbye to your mother, upon entering the room, another cutscene will start between you and Princess de Sardet. Before the cutscene ends, she will give you a key item called Mother's Present.

Meet Kurt

Once the cutscene is done, you'll regain control of your character. Follow the quest marker on your compass to meet Kurt in front of the palace. Another cutscene will start where he'll request for your aid to help him with recovering merchandise from their supplier, the side mission Coin Guard Merchandise will then be unlocked after the cutscene.

You'll also be able to set up your team by adding Kurt to your party, you can also view his stats, the relationship level, and change his equipment.

Head west first before going down to discover the Brocade Quarter, you'll encounter three serene gangsters who will begin to attack you once they see you. Loot their bodies to find some consumablesingredients, a random armor piece, and some gold coins. Make sure to check the path to your right to find a chest containing 2x Gold Coins, 1x Antidote, 1x Ammo, and 1x Soft Old Boots. While the crate containes 3x Gold Coins, 1x Fury Potion, 1x Ammo, and 1x Magnificent Feather. After collecting the items, head back to where Kurt was waiting, and follow the compass to the Thélème Embassy.

Upon arriving at the embassy, you'll find Cardinal Antonius, speak to him to inform him about your departure. The side quest Heretic Hunt will then be unlocked after speaking to him.

Once that's done, follow your compass and head to the Bridge Alliance's embassy where you'll find Ambassador Sahin, another side quest called The Charlatan will unlock after your conversation. Head to the port after that's done where you'll find Vasco and Mr. de Courcillon.

Captain Vasco

Upon arriving at the Port, speak to Vasco and ask him questions that will give you clues regarding the whereabouts of your cousin, Constantin d'Orsay. You'll then find out his last whereabouts was at Serene's tavern, and before the conversation ends, another side quest called Disappearance among the Nauts will be unlocked.

Follow your compass, and head to the town's tavern where you'll find the tavern keeper name Geoffroy behind the bar. Speak to him and question him regarding the location of Constantin, he will then mention that there was a party held at his tavern and a brawl broke out leaving his furniture damaged.

Geoffroy mentions that Constantin was the one who started the fight and demands you either pay him for the damages or figure out how to repair the broken furniture in exchange for providing you information regarding your cousin's whereabouts. You can either pay him 25 Gold Coins or repair the damage by using 4x Metal Dowels, if you have enough gold, you can easily pay Geoffroy, but if you don't want to waste money and have collected enough Metal Dowels from looting enemies and opening chests and crates or by purchasing it from the town's merchant, then save your gold and repair the furniture instead.

If you choose to repair it, choose the option "Don't pay now." and walk up to the broken table to repair it -  it's just at the left side of the tavern where you'll see it marked with a quest marker. After repairing it, go back and speak to Geoffroy and he will tell you Constantin's last location. You'll find him at the Old Warehouses by the lower boroughs being held by a band of ruffians. Simply follow the quest marker and you'll know you're near once you hear Constantin's voice.

Set Constantin Free!

There are two ways to get inside the Villain's Den where Constantin is, (1) if you've chosen the Science talent earlier during Character Creation, you can climb down the ladder and use the said talent to blow up the weak wall, or, (2) head to the entrance of the den where there are 4 thugs guarding the area and kill them to gain entry. If you've decided to sneak in from the basement level, simply head inside after blowing up the wall, and then head to the 2nd floor and inside the room with a large painting to find the Key to Constantin's Cell, on the other hand, if you've chosen to fight your way through, you can acquire the key from looting one of the thugs bodies.

Before heading up to Constantin's cell, head to the den's kitchen on the first floor where you can loot random items inside the barrel and you'll also find a locked chest which requires a level 1 Lockpicking talent. If you've chosen the Lockpicking talent earlier, you can go ahead and unlock the chest, if you don't have the talent yet, simply swap your chest armor with Kurt and equip the Blue-Silver Soldier's Doublet, this will provide you with the ability to lockpick a level 1 chest since his armor has a +1 Lockpicking bonus - you'll find 70 Gold Coins, 1x Haze Potion, 4x Ammo, and 1x Fury Potion.

If you climb down the ladder to the basement of the den, you can find a Serene Criminal's Key inside one of the chests, and more items such as Gold Coins, 1x Antidote, and 1x Ammo. You can also unlock the door by removing the wooden board - this will take you back outside the den.

Now, head to the 2nd level of the den and go right to the storage room to find a crate containing 2x Gold Coins, 1x Poisoned Alchemical Mix, and 2x Ammo

Next, head inside the room with a door to your right-hand side to find another storeroom with paintings, there's a barrel which you can loot containing 4x Gold Coins, 2x Ammo, and 1x Alchemical Mix of Magic Damage. And at the end of the room where there are bunk beds, you'll find a chest containing 5x Gold Coins and 1x Old Embroidered Doublet. Head back outside, and approach the locked door in front of you, and use the key to unlock the room where Constantin is - a short cutscene will then follow.

After the cutscene, Constantin will join your party and you will need to dress him up. Choose the Old Embroidered Doublet you looted earlier and have him wear it, once that's done, head back outside and make your way to the port where Vasco is waiting. Take this opportunity to run around Serene and to complete the side quests before asking Vasco permission to board the ship, if you've completed the side quests, try to visit the town's Merchant to sell any unwanted gear or items, or simply explore the town to find multiple crates and chests that can be looted.

The Unknown Creature

Once you've chosen to set sail, follow Vasco to his ship and a cutscene will then follow. The sailor will then rush in and alarm Vasco that "the beast has awoken". This will be your first boss battle against the "Unknown Creature", and you'll have to face it on your own.

If you're too far from it, the creature will pull out its branches and spears from its back and will throw it at you. Once you're close enough, it will either slam the ground with one or both of its fists once or twice. In mid-range, it will extend its right arm and swing it back and forth causing you to get knocked down if you are hit. Once its health reaches about 50%, it will start to attack by lunging in and slamming down onto the ground using its fists and body. Be patient with evading since it's movement is quite slow, use your firearms, and try to get behind it before using a melee attack. Defeating the boss nets 1x Memory Crystal, 3x Amber.

After killing the boss, follow the quest marker on your compass where you'll find Vasco. You will now complete the first main quest, set sail for New Serene, and finish the game's prologue. This main quest nets 1200 EXP, 1x Magic Potion, 1x Health Potion, and 3x Ammo. Up next, Find Constantin at the Palace.



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