Metal Dowels

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Metal Dowels in Greedfall is a Key Item. Metal Dowels is used for ???. Key Items or Quest Items can be crafted by using a Workbench, given by an NPC or as a reward for completing Quests, dropped by a Boss, or can be found in a specified area of a location



These metal dowels are used to build or repair wood furniture.


How to get Metal Dowels

  • This item can be crafted
  • Purchased for 1G from a Merchant


Metal Dowels Crafting Requirements


Metal Dowels Usage

  • When you are finding Constantin and have interrogated the tavern keeper, Geoffroy, he will mention that Constantin caused some damage and requests for you to either pay for the damage or repair it. If you choose to repair it, you can use 4 Metal Dowels to fix the furniture.





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