New Player Help for Greedfall provides various information that will help both new and veteran players understand the various basic mechanics of the game as well as recommended tips and tricks to take note of before starting the game.

Helpful Links:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed area walkthrough of the game.
  • New Game +: Check what happens when you finish a campaign.
  • Controls: An overview of the game's default controls for each platform.
  • Combat: An explanation of the basic combat and movements acquired in the game.


Greedfall New Player Help

Keep an Eye for Loot Chests

In Greedfall, it's a best practice that you always check a town or area you are in. Go around and check corners to find loot chests that are scattererd around. You can maybe find these loot chests in hidden alleyways, houses, and even at stalls. Loot chests or boxes have a glowing effect on it which identifies that you can interact with it to collect the items inside. Even if it's useless items, at least you can sell to merchants.

Look for Alternative Paths

There are certain zones of an area that are forbidden to you, simply because it is controlled by a different faction. You can enter these forbidden zones but you must avoide being seen or even attacking them because it can cause a bad reputation and apply a negative effect towards your relationship with that faction. If you do come cross forbidden zones, you can follow the following tips:

  • Disguise Yourself - Simply wear Armour or clothing that are related to the faction of the forbidden zone you are entering. You can identify what Faction does the armour belong to by viewing it in the equipment menu.
  • Search for an Alternate Path: There are certain paths that can help you sneak inside by using alternate routes. Maybe you can jump onto a gap, lockpick doors, head inside from the back, go through a tunnel or secret path, or even destroy weakened walls. Some paths are easily accessible but some require certain Talents.
  • Partake in Related Quess: There may be some Main or Side Quests that are related to entering forbidden zones. So if this happens, you'll be allowed to enter as it is within the duration of the related quest.
  • Sneak in and use Crouch: If any of the three tips mentioned does not work out, then all you can do is to sneak in, maintain the crouch position at all times, and avoid being detected

Unlock the Lockpicking Talent ASAP

A good start when it comes to choosing your first Talent during Character Creation is to select the Lockpicking talent. This way, you can easily open locked chests and some forbidden sections of the game early on. If you prefer to have antoher talent at the beginning, it's fine, you can unlock the Lockpicking talent later on when you acquire a Talent Point when you increase your level. Having the Lockpicking talent is very useful since you can unlock chests that contain rare, valuable loot.

Use your Firearms

Duing Character Creation, choosing the Warrior or Technical classes start off with the Firearms which allows you to wield guns. Using guns in battle is a good way for you to deal damage against enemies at a long range and you can also stagger them at some point, causing them to lose their balance and fall on the ground. Just keep in mind that Firearms use Ammunition, which means if you run out of Ammo midway of a battle, then you can't really use it. So make use of it in moderation. Unlocking and upgrading the Accuracy attribute grants bonuses towards using Firearms.

Farm in the New Serene Arena

Upon reaching New Serene, you can visit the local tavern and paricipate in the Champion of the Arena side quest. You'll basically fight a gauntlet of enemies and the goal is to simply defeat them. This is a good way for you to farm XP, as well as being rewarded with a powerful Two-Handed Sword.

Explore the Location

Whenever you are in a new location or revisiting one, always open your map and look at those areas that have a Question Mark to it. These are points of interest that you want to check out to discover attractions, bonfires, NPCs, chapels, and many more.

Always Save your Game

Save your game manually at all times! There is an autosave but saving manually is good since you can always take a step back and redo your playthrough at some points. There are no limits when it comes to manually saving and it's always best to save before a boss fight, before having a conversation with characters that include important dialogues, and before reaching a location of a quest.

Charisma Talent Can Help

If you're they type of person who wants to solve encounters with NPCs through dialogue and a peaceful way, then unlocking and upgrading the Charisma talent is the best way to do so. At some points of the story, as well as Side Quests, you can defiitely persuade certain characters in the game through conversation and sometimes it can help in avoiding violent encounters.

Don't Forget Your Companions

Greedfall features Companions who join you in exploration and combat. Sometimes, you may forget, but always remember that you can also change the equipment of the companions. Although they are limited to using a certain weapon, you can still switch up their Armour and provide them with the best equipment so that they can be even more helpful to you in combat.

Unlock the Magic Healing Spell ASAP

As you progress throughout the game and as you level up, it's a good tactic that you unlock the Magic Healing spell which can be found in the Magic Skill Tree. This way, you can gain access to this spell and it gives you more ways for recovering health. Further increasing and unlocking passive skills for this spell will also allow you to heal your party and strengthen the effects of the spell.

Don't be Afraid to Use Active Pause

Active Pause is a combat feature which allows you to pause the battle and think about your next move. It can actually save you in tight situations since you can take a breather and decide on how you want to proceed or even to analyze your enemy.

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