Starting Skills

Divine Magic Ring
One Handed Heavy Weapons

Recommended Attributes

Mental Power

Recommended Talents


Magic is a Class in Greedfall. Magic class focuses on the specialization of a mage type which allows the player to conjure spells to damage enemies and buff yourself and your companions. Classes start off with a preset of skills at the beginning of the game and can be further invested in by unlocking skills under the Magic Skill Tree and by increasing the level of talents and attributes that benefits the Magic class.


This profile focuses on the use of offensive spells from a distance.


Magic Starting Skills

  • Stasis: Completely immobilizes the enemy for the duration of the effect. Receiving damage will cancel the effect.
  • Divine Magic Ring: Allows the use of Divine Magic Rings.
  • One Handed Heavy Weapons: Allows the use of one-handed heavy weapons (maces, hammers, and axes.)


Magic Recommended Attributes

  • Willpower: Willpower increases the duration of spells.
  • Mental Power: Mental Power increases the power of spells.


Magic Recommended Talents

  • Science: Unlocks the ability to craft various items.
  • Intuition: Unlocks unique and contextual dialogues.



Magic Skill Tree


Magic Notes

  • This Class requires a bit more patience as it is quite weak from the get go. However once some progression has been made, It can be quite overpowering considering all magic bypasses armor. With this class the player is encouraged to explore more and complete the maps faster as the extra skill points can be useful.
  • Charisma, intuition, and science are very useful for this class as the player will need magic potions quite a lot in order to fight effectively at the start. Potions means money or the ability to make your own at an increased rate and decreased cost.
  • Leveling your divine ring skill should be priority at first in order to fight efficiently with your mana pool.
  • Using stasis before casting any light attacks will also help weaken the enemy to your magic killing them faster. However it is recommended that you gain the skill STORM first as a lot of the time enemies will be in groups.



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