Endings in Greedfall contain different conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough. These endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story. There are two endings in the game and this pivotal moment happens once you reach Constantin and kill the Nadaig - either you kill him, or join him.

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Endings in Greedfall

Good Ending

  1. Choose "Kill Constantin"
  2. This is the good or true ending of the game.


Choosing to kill Constantin will follow through with freeing the island from the negative influence of Corrpution. This also means that those who are residing on the island and all of the other inhabitants will be at peace. If you are also able to build a good relationship or reuptation with the other Factions, each faction will build an alliance, as well as be open to learning from one another. Malichor on the old continent will gradually retreat, andy you'll be able to see a good epilogue for your Companions' story (but take note that the epilogue will depend on the relationship you've built between each companion). In order to get the best ending, you must maintain and build a good yet neutral relationship and try to ethically solve side quests, like sentencing Dr. Asili to trial.


Bad Ending

  1. Choose "Link yourself to Constantin"
  2. Considered as the bad ending of the game.


By choosing to "Link yourself to Constantin", De Sardet joins his cousin, terrorizes the island and spreads chaos. If you've failed to establish an alliance or good relationship with the other Factions, as well as your Companions, the game ends where Teer Fradee is doom to be destroyed, and your Companions end up dying in battle. Siora, on the other hand, becomes a Nadaig and dies, Vasco will go on a cruise, but his ship will sink, and such.

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