Greedfall Lore focuses on the story and setting of the game. Greedfall is heavily inspired in the 17th century of Europe filled with Baroque Art. Players will take control of Lord De Sardet, a diplomat who sets forth on a journey to an uncharted island to discover a cure to save the old nation from a dangerous plague.


Greedfall Lore


In the settlement of Serene located in the Old Nation, a disease called a Malichor Plague has decimated a majority of the city's population.
Despite the devastating epidemic, the survivors still run amongst the streets and continue to live and survive.

While Serene mourns for the dead and dying, hope remains thanks to
stories and fables of a mysterious place far from the city shores that is rumored to hold a cure for the dangerous disease.

As Lord De Sardet, a diplomat, you are determined to save your mother
who is slowly dying from the disease and also the old nation.

A journey alongside De Sardet's cousin, Constantin,
starts as the two set sail to the uncharted island named Teer Fradee.

As you set forth to discover the miracle that holds the cure,
you'll learn secrets that revolve around the island's inhabitants and discover factions alongside its settlements.



Greedfall Trailers

 Companions Trailer - August 2019


In Greedfall, the world and story are ever-changing based on the choices you make.

You'll enter the island of Teer Fradee, not as an assassin or soldier but as a diplomat who is on a mission to find a cure.

Explore every faction and settlement and deal with the powers that govern each.


Story Trailer - June 2019


They say the island is full of miracles, and that you may find a cure.

Set forth on a mission to heal and save not only your mother but also your people.



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