Factions in Greedfall is part of the character development mechanic in the game. As you start your journey to Teer Fradee, players will encounter various factions who are strictly separated to their own side of the land. Each faction introduces a companion whom you can recruit to join your party and each faction has multiple quests for players to complete. It is important to remember that a faction has its own beliefs, allies, and enemies, so being attentive with your choices, the companion you bring with you will heavily determine your relationship and allegiance with both the companion and faction. This page contains the full list of all the factions in the game.


Factions in Greedfall

Congregation of Merchants

The Congregation of Merchants is De Sardet's group. Their aim is to bring people and other factions together who are aiming to close a deal for walth. They arrived to the New World in search for valuable treasures.


Coin Guard

A group of mercernaries who are hired and work for other factions. They are more known to be the faction who are called on to to the "dirty work", or for security, accompanying important figuures, and contracted assassinations.



Theleme is a religious group who wraps their beliefs through magic. They are facinated with the Natives that live on the magical island, Teer Fradee and they aim to share their teachings and values to them.


Bridge Alliance

The Bridge Alliance consists of members who are scientists. They excel in experimenting and crafting various items by using certain properties and theire aim is to also learn more about the magical properties of Teer Fradee. They believe that knowledge is power and that scienece is the key to answering all of their questions.



Pirates as they call it, the Nauts factions are experts when it comes to navigation, especially when they are out in the open sea. They are mostly hired when it comes to sea expeditions and they also excel in managing many of their fleets.


Natives (Yecht Fradí)

The Natives are a group of people who reside on Teer Fradee. They have a very unique connection towards the island, the creatures, and the magical properties that enchant the island as a whole.


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      Nauts are nautical types, so when asked to dress up as a Naut you want sailor type outfits (chest only usually). Nauts gear also has an icon which is a grey shield with a bit of red.

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