Technical Skill Tree

Number of Skills 23
Total Points Needed 29

Technical Skill Tree is a skill tree in Greedfall. The Technical Skill Tree consists of skills that focus on learning a combat technique that allows a player to craft items that can be used in and out of battle. Use science to your advantage to craft elemental traps, bombs, that are deadly to your foes and various potions that can help yourself and your companions.

Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Magic, Technical, and Warrior (Combat) that will allow players to alter their character's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability. You can check the Skills page for a complete overview of the Skills.



Technical Skill Tree Information

  • During Character Creation, players can choose the Technical starting class to acquire the preset skills under the Technical Skill Tree. However, as the game progresses and as you obtain Skill Points from leveling up, you can choose to focus on investing the points on warrior skills.





Technical Skill Tree Table

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Name Effect Skill Points Needed Prerequisites
Firearms Allows the use of pistols 2 n/a
Precise Calibration

Firearms deals more damage.

Damage: +20%

1 Firearms
Destructive Shot

Firearms destroy more armour.

Armour Dmg.: +20%

1 Precise Calibration
Impact Bullets

Firearms cause a greater loss of balance.

Stun: +25%

1 Destructive Shot
Rifle Allows the use of rifles instead of pistols. 1 Impact Bullets
Anointed Weapons

Allows the application of alchemical preparations on weapons, which adds an effect to the following hits.

Max. attacks: 4

2 Rifle
Alchemical Dosage

Increases the number of hits benefiting from the effects of alchemical preparations.

Max. attacks: +2

1 Anointed Weapons
Assassin's Touch

Weapons that were anointed with a Poisoned Alchemical Mix apply a stronger dose of poison.

Dose Applied: +50%

1 Alchemical Dosage
Focused Alchemical Fire

Increases the damage dealt by the Alchemical preparation of elemental damage.

Elemental Dmg.: +50%

1 Assassin's Touch
Alchemical Earthquake

Increases the loss of balance caused by the Alchemical mix of magic damage.

Stun: +50%

1 Focused Alchemical Fire
Set Trap

Lets you put alchemical preparations on the ground, that explodes when an enemy comes near and damage every enemy in the explosion radius.

2 n/a
Fast Traps

Allows the instantaneous setting of Set Trap on the ground while dodging.

1 Set Trap
Destructive Elemental Preparations

Increases the destruction of armour of the Alchemical preparation of elemental damage.

Armour Dmg.: +50%

1 Fast Traps
Seismic Magic Preparations

Increases the magic damage inflicted by the Alchemical mix of magic damage.

Magical Dmg.: +50%

1 Destructive Elemental Preparations
Economical Alchemy

Allows the recovery of ingredients near the location of the explosion of Set Trap and Phial Throw.

1 Seismic Magic Preparations
Phial Throw

Allows the throwing of Alchemical preparations which explode on impact, affecting all enemies in close proximity.

2 Economical Alchemy
Light Grenades

Alchemical preparations can be launched from further away.

1 Phial Throw
Mephitic Discharge

Poisoned alchemical mix applies a stronger dose of poison to the explosion (Set Trap or Phial Throw)

1 Light Grenades
Extended Stasis Alchemy

Increases the duration of the immobilising effect of the Alchemical Stasis Mix.

1 Mephitic Discharge
Devastating Grenades

Increases the area of effect of the explosion of Set Trap and Phial Throw.

Area of Effect: +1.5m

1 Extended Stasis Alchemy

Throws a bomb that hits all enemies in a large area.

3 Devastating Grenades
Alchemical Earthquake
Powerful Bomb

Greatly increases the area of effect of the Bomb.

Area of Effect: +3m

1 Bomb
Toxic Bomb

Bomb also poisons the enemies hit.

1 Powerful Bomb



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