Magic Skill Tree

Number of Skills 32
Total Points Needed 41

Magic Skill Tree is a skill tree in Greedfall. The Magic Skill Tree consists of skills that focus on conjuring magical abilities that can be used offensively in battle or defensively to add buffs to yourself and your companions.

Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Magic, Technical, and Warrior (Combat) that will allow players to alter their character's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

You can check the Skills page for a complete overview of the Skills.



Magic Skill Tree Information

  • During Character Creation, players can choose the Magic starting class to acquire the preset skills under the Magic Skill Tree. However, as the game progresses and as you obtain Skill Points from leveling up, you can choose to focus on investing the points on magic skills.

  • The skills under the Magic skill tree heavily requires enough Magic Points in order to conjure the magical skills.





Magic Skill Tree Table

Name Effect Skill Points Needed Prerequisites
Stasis Completely immobilizes the enemy for the duration of the effect. Receiving damage will cancel the effect. 2 n/a

Stasis lasts longer.

Effect Duration: +20%

1 Stasis
Corrosive Emanation

Stasis progressively destroys the immobilized enemies' armour.

Armour Dmg.: 20/s

1 Stagnation
Perfect Incantation

Stasis costs less magic energy.

Magic Cost: -25%

1 Corrosive Emanation

Stasis makes immobilized enemies more vulnerable to the next strike they will receive.

Damage: +50%

1 Perfect Incantation
Magic Healing

Instantly heals the caster.

2 Crystallisation
Armour Breaker
Purifying Healing

Magic Healing also cleanses poisons.

1 Magic Healing
Divine Aid

Magic Healing restores more health.

HP Healing: +50%

1 Purifying Healing
Steel Healing

Magic Healing also restores armour.

Armour: +100

1 Divine Aid
Group Healing

Magic Healing also affects allies for half of its effects.

1 Steel Healing
Shield of the Enlightened

Increases physical armour and regenerates it progressively for the duration of the effect

2 Crystallisation
Steadfast Light

Shield of the Enlightened also increases balance.

Balance: +30

1 Shield of the Enlightened
Shield of Fury

Shield of the Enlightened slightly increases the fury generated by incoming attacks.

Fury Gen.: +5

1 Steadfast Light
Holy Bulwark

Shield of the Enlightened also increases elemental and magic resistance.

Magical Res.: +20%
Elemental Res.: +20%

1 Shield of Fury
Blessing of the Enlightened

Shield of the Enlightened also affects allies for half of its effects.

1 Holy Bulwark
Divine Magic Ring

Allows the use of Divine Magic Rings.

2 n/a
Ravenous Shadows

Shadow Missle and Shadow Impact inflict more damage.

Magical Dmg.: +10%

1 Divine Magic Ring
Shadow Dancing

Slightly increases the combo speed of Shadow Impact.

1 Ravenous Shadows
Destabilising Impact

Shadow Impact causes a greater loss of balance.

Stun: +100%

1 Shadow Dancing
Light Projectiles

Shadow Missle costs less magic energy.

Magic Cost: -10%

1 Destabilising Impact
Lightning Dash

Allows the use of an instantaneous dash when quickly dodging a second time. Only works with a Divine Magic Ring equipped.

2 Light Projectiles
Faster than Lightning

Allows faster attacks after a Lightning Dash.

1 Lightning Dash
Light Shadow Impact

Shadow impact costs less magic energy.

Magic Cost: -10%

1 Faster than Lightning
Ranged Shadow Impact

Shadow impact can hit enemies from a greater distance.

1 Light Shadow Impact
Whirlwind of Shadows

Allows much faster attacks with Shadow Missle.

1 Ranged Shadow Impact

Sends a shock wave, causing a Stasis for all enemies in combat.

3 Whirlwind of Shadows
Blessing of the Enlightened
Vulnerability Storm

Storm also renders the enemies vulnerable to magic damage and slowing effects.

1 Storm
Extended Storm

The vulnerability to magic caused by the Storm lasts longer.

1 Vulnerability Storm
Shadow Burst

Knocks back and deals magic damage to all enemies around the caster.

2 Light Projectiles
Economical Alchemy
Temporal Rift

Greatly slows enemies in close proximity when casting the Shadow Burst.

1 Shadow Burst
Relentless Shadow

Increases the damage dealt by the Shadow Burst.

Magical Dmg.: +50%

1 Temporal Rift
Enlarged Shadow

Increases the area of effect of the Shadow Burst.

Area of Effect: +2m

1 Relentless Shadow
Devastating Shadow

Increases the loss of balance from the Shadow Burst by +50%.

Stun: +50%


1 Enlarged Shadow




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