Classes for Greedfall determines the starting set of skills, recommended talents and attributes. After creating your character, players will be given the chance to choose from three starting classes, each class has a preset of skills and indicates a recommended talent and ability that best fits the chosen class, but of course, as the game progresses, players will be given the freedom to branch out to unlocking other skills that are in another class. This page contains a list of all the classes in the game.


Classes in Greedfall


The Warrior profile focuses on melee combat. Its starting Skills include: Firearms, One Handed Blades, and One Handed Heavy Weapons.



The Technical profile allows the player to control the battlefield by using traps. The starting Skills are: Set Trap, Firearms, and One Handed Blades.



The Magic profile grants the player to use use of offensive spells from a distance. This profile starts with the following Skills: Stasis, Divine Magic Ring, and One Handed Heavy Weapons.


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