Combat for Greedfall contains information regarding basic tips and tricks for the combat system of the game. Players can find information on both basic and advanced tips that can help both new and veteran players to better understand the combat mechanic as well as various actions and moves that can be executed.


Combat in Greedfall

Combat Basics

  • R3: Lock-on to a target
  • ps-square-button-greedfall-wiki-guide / ps-triangle-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Simple / Powerful Hit
  • ps-r1-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Change Weapon
  • ps-x-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Dodge
  • ps-circle-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Parry and Counter-attack if done at the right time
  • ps-l2-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Use Fury


Magic Combat Basics

  • R3: Lock-on to a target
  • ps-square-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Shadow Missile
  • ps-triangle-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Shadow Impact
  • ps-x-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Dodge
  • ps-circle-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Magic Parry
  • ps-l2-button-greedfall-wiki-guide: Use Fury


Tactical Pause

The Tactical Pause is triggered by pressing the ps-l1-button-greedfall-wiki-guide button of the PS Controller. This will pause the game when you are exploring and in battle, which allows you to choose your next action at your leisure. You will be able to access your Spells, Skills, and Items such as Potions. Using it during combat, you can also learn more about enemies around you.



You can sheath your weapon once out of combat. Hold the ps-r1-button-greedfall-wiki-guide button the sheath your weapon.


The Compass

Visible at the top, in the centre of the screenm it indicates important places and active quest objectives.

  • main-quest-icon-greedfall-wiki-guide: Main Quest
  • side-quest-icon-greedfall-wiki-guide: Side Quest



You can run faster using sprint. Press the ps-x-button-greedfall-wiki-guide button.


Enemy Detection

When a player is in stealth mode near enemeies, a detection indicator will appear above their heads.

  • If your presence is detected, the indicator will fill up until you are perceived as dangerous, which will trigger combat.
  • The indicator has 2 states: Suspicious in yellow and Detected in red.


Light Magic

You can use Shadow and Light Magic during your adventure. The Stais Spell allows you temporarily freeze an enemy. Spells use Magic, shown by the blue meter at the top left.



Firearms are ideal for interrupting or destabilising an enemy. Each shot consumes one ammunition.



There is a wide variety of potions that you can use during combat from the Tactical Pause.

  • Their effect is not always immediate, so use them at the best time.
  • Potions can be bought from certain merchants.
  • You can also make potions at a Crafting Table if you have the Science talent.
  • Making Potions requries Ingredients that can be bought or gathered in the world.



The physical armour level is shown with shields on the health bar. Armour absorbs part of the physical damage. The break an enemy's armour, you can use an Impact Weapon or certain Traps. Magic attacks ignore armour.



  • Fury is a state that allows you to use special attacks that inflict Bonus Damage and make enemies lose their balance. A segmented meter that fills up as you attack an enemy, cast a spell, or parry attacks from enemies will allow you to see your fury level.
  • When the meter reaches the first level, a visual effect will appear on your character's hands. Press ps-l2-button-greedfall-wiki-guide to use a Fury Attack.


Gaining a Level

Levels can come with a SkillTalent, or Attribute point. Go to the menu to choose your future skills.


Reset of your Character's Progress

The memory crystal allows you to redistribute all the points you have spent on Skills, Attributes, and Talents. To use it, open the game menu, and from the character tab, use ps-square-button-greedfall-wiki-guide


Teer Fradee is made up of several regions connected to each other.

  • As you explore, you will discover campsites, they allow you to rest and travel quickly.
  • When you reach the end of a road, use the travel interface to select your next destination
  • There are also caravans near major cities for you to quickly travel from once city to another.


Merchant Camps

During your long journeys, you can stop at a wandering merchants camp.

  • At a Merchants Camp, you can buy or sell items, manage your companions, or access your chest.
  • The crafting table allows you to upgrade your equipment and create potions.
  • To continue on to the next area, continue down the path.

Merchant Caravans

Caravans connect major cities and allow you to speed up your journey for a small amount of Gold.



Upon discovering a campsite, the location will automatically be marked on your map.

  • You can travel from here or be transported here directly from the travel interface.
  • Here, you can summon and manage your Companions.
  • You can use your chest and the workshop.
  • You can rest and accelerate the passage of time near the fire.


Your Accommodation

As a diplomat, an accommodation is available to you in the main cities of the different nations.

  • There, you will find a crafting table, a storage chest, and your Companions.
  • You can also rest and travel from this place.


Direct Access to the Map of the Region

You can access the map of the region directly by holding down the ps-touchpad-button-greedfall-wiki-guide (Touchpad).



In the darkest palces, you can turn on your lantern.

  • Pressing the ps-l1-button-greedfall-wiki-guide to bring up the Tactical Pause Menu.
  • Press the ps-square-button-greedfall-wiki-guide to assign the command to your shortcut button.



When you need favours from an important character, your reputation with their faction can be crucial.

  • To maintain good relations, pay attention to your choices.
  • You can also help them by doing Side Quests for them.


Zones Controlled by Other Factions

Beware of zones managed by other factions!

  • Certain zones are forbidden to you.
  • Infiltratiing these places and being seen will cause a fight between you and the members of that faction, which will damage your reputation with them.


The Crafting Table

Craftsmanship allows you to upgrade your Weapons and Armour. Science allows you to create Potions and Traps. You need knowledge to be able to use the crafting table. To obtain it:

  • Spend points in the desired Talents.
  • Use certain pieces of Equipment or Companions that can give you a bonus.

Each Talent point will unlock new recipes. And you will also need Ingredients, which can be bought or found while exploring.


Weight Limit

All collectible items have a weight in the player's inventory.

  • Heroes can carry a defined weight, beyond which their movements are slowed down.
  • The chest allows you to store objects that weigh you down.
  • You can also resell unnecessary items to merchants.

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