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Síora is a companion in GreedfallSíora is categorized as a support class, she is a Teer Fradee native who fiercely protects her people's rights. Síora can use light blades and ranged elemental magic.


Síora Information

Síora is one of the daughters of Queen Bládnid, the leader of the Gaís rad clan of the village of Vedrhais, she is also their doneigad. She is a proud young woman, very attached to her people and her mother, but she is also curious and seems to want to learn as much as possible about the settlers. Her knowledge of native culture and her talent for magic could be very helpful.



How to Recruit Síora

  • Síora is first met during a cutscene in New Sérène, as your party approaches the Governor's Palace, after which she joins your party.


Síora Attributes


Síora Skills

  • Weapons: One-handed Blades
  • Engagement Action: Elemental Coating
  • Special Attack: Restore the team's Health and Armor


Síora Quests


Síora Notes

  • Relationship Guide
    • When speaking to Síora about the loss of her mother, mention leaving your own mother. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When speaking to Síora about the lying missionaries, tell her that it seems logical, given their culture. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When asking Síora what she intends to do next, tell her that you would understand if she needed to help her people. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • During "Promises set in stone" you can side with Siora at the end of the quest. This will net your relationship Reputation +2. (With this you can get "Friendly" with Her even if you messed up some before)




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