Find Queen Bládnid

Síora learns that her mother was captured by the alliance during the battle of the red spears and requests for De Sardet's help to rescue the Queen. 
Quest Giver Síora
Location Vedrad, The Red Woods
Reward/s 1000 XP
+3 Reputation

Find Queen Bládnid in Greedfall is a Side Quest. Side quests are given by various NPCs, Companions, or are unlocked after a series of events. Upon completion, players will also be rewarded with certain items and XP. Players can check the active and completed side quests by opening the character menu and cycling through the "Journal" section.



Find Queen Bládnid Objectives

  • Talk to Síora to help her find her mother
  • Go to the Alliance outpost
  • Talk to the captain of the outpost
  • Accompany Síora to her mother's remains
  • Negotiate with the caption of the outpost (Optional)
  • Look for evidence in the outpost officer's quarters (Optional)
  • Go to the meeting point
  • Hide and wait for the captain's arrival
  • Interrupt the exchange
  • Defeat the smugglers
  • Talk to Eseld


Find Queen Bládnid Walkthrough

 Walkthrough for the Side Quest Goes Here


Find Queen Bládnid Rewards

  • 1000 XP
  • +3 Reputation towards Síora
  • Improves the relationship between Síora


Find Queen Bládnid Notes & Tips

  • If the objective "Find the chest key" is not completed during the quest, it may continue to appear as an objective in the Vedrad area even after the quest is completed, although the chest key is no longer present.




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