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Vasco is a companion in GreedfallVasco is a captain of the seafaring Nauts, he is considered as one of the more secretive, closed members of your party. Spend time and invest with the captain and he'll inevitably open up. Vasco lacks protection but compensates with his extraordinary agility and capabilities of being a duelist.


Vasco Information

While the crossing to New Sérène had gone smoothly, Vasco was laid off on his arrival by Admiral Cabral and he seems to deeply resent this.

As a sea-given, he has some regrets about the life he could have had if he had not been handed over to the Nauts when he was just a baby. Despite this, he is a proud and loyal young man to the Nauts, who has risen to the rank of captain through his bravery at sea. A formidable fencer, he does not hesitate to poison his blade to overcome the toughest enemies.

A Name for a Family

Vasco asked for your help to get his hand son the secret files showing where he came from. You slipped into the New Sérène harbour office to find these documents, thanks to which he finally discovered his origins. Vasco comes from the noble d'Arcy family from Sérène, and was originally a citizen of the Merchant Congregation.

Family Reunion

Always saddened at the thought of missing out on the life that should have been his, Vasco asked you to help him find his brother. Bastien d'Arcy, sent to Tír Fradí by his family to trade. You had to pull this thoughtless and frivolous young man from the clutches of debt collectors so that Vasco could finally meet him and finally realise how much he appreciated his Naut life.

Forever a Naut

Determined to regain the favour of Admiral Cabral, Vasco asked for your help to accomplish a "loyalty mission" consisting in finding out the circumstances of the sinking of one of their ships. Having manged to prove that the captain's navigational qualities were not in question, Vasco received a pardon from the Admiral and a new tattoo to prove it.



How to Recruit Vasco

  • Vasco joins the party once you land in New Sérène's port.


Vasco Attributes


Vasco Skills

  • Weapons: One-handed Blades and Guns
  • Engagement Action: Poisoned Coating
  • Special Attack: Secret Blade Technique


Vasco Quests


Vasco Notes

  • Relationship Guide
    • When speaking with Vasco about being "Sea-given" and he expresses his regret for not growing up as a noble, ask him about happy memories. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When speaking with Vasco about the encounter with his brother, tell him he has asserted himself. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When speaking with Vasco about possibly setting sail again, tell him you wish you could sail with him again. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When Vasco recites part of a poem to you and asks to spend time with you alone, agreeing will facilitate a romantic encounter in your home.



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