Bridge Alliance
Friendship Bonus
Yes (Male Only)

Aphra is a companion in GreedfallAphra is a talented scientist and is a member of the faction, Bridge Alliance. Aphra is categorized as a DPS class who specializes in long-ranged combat and weaponry.


Aphra Information

Aphra is a renowned naturalist who has joined Tír Fradí to help identify the many plants specific to this island. She has the full trust of Governor Burhan, who sent her to accompany a small research expedition to find the ingredients of a cure for the malichor. She is a young woman who is passionate about science and discovery, skilled in making all kinds of potions and very experienced in handling firearms.



How to Recruit Aphra



Aphra Attributes


Aphra Skills

  • Weapons: Rifles
  • Engagement Action: Throw Elemental Bomb
  • Special Attack: Elementary Scatter Shot


Aphra Quests


Aphra Notes

  • Relationship Guide
    • When speaking with Aphra about the moment next to the camp fire, talk to her about the two youths. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When speaking with Aphra about the excursion to the cave, tell her that you've learned a lot. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When speaking to Aphra about the ceremony changing her outlook, tell her that you hope you'll be part of her new life. This will net your relationship Reputation +2.
    • When Aphra speaks of her inexperience with romantic feelings and a desire to spend time alone with you, accepting will facilitate a romantic encounter with her in your home.



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    • Anonymous

      She can be found after completing the first 2 main missions in new serene. Afterwards you will be given 3 new main quests one of which involves finding a missing expedition. On completion you unlock her for your party. Unfortunately she is not into hot lesbian sex so unlocking her is rather pointless.

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