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Petrus is a companion in GreedfallPetrus is a missionary of Theleme who has a remarkable way of using his words and an outwardly fatherly nature that masks his deep-rooted ambition, he specializes in both long and close-range combat and has the ability to wear armors.


Petrus Information

Bishop Petrus is part of the Order of Missionaries, of which he is a brilliant representative. Skillful in politics and a fine diplomat, he knows how to be flexible about his religious ideas to better achieve his goals. For a few years, he was a diplomat at your uncles's court in Sérène, where he knew you when you were only a child. He shows you good-heartedness and paternal kindness but does not hesitate to use his tremendous manipulative skills to help you achieve your goals. Like any important member of the Thélème clergy, he is also a seasoned user of light magic.



How to Recruit Petrus


Petrus Attributes


Petrus Skills

  • Weapons: Divine Magic Ring
  • Engagement Action: Shield of the Enlightened
  • Special Attack: Shadow Burst


Petrus Quests


Petrus Notes

  • Notes and other trivia go here
  • Petrus can not be romanced.



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    • Anonymous

      I actually love Petrus' voice. He's so different from the others, and from most other characters I can think of. I agree it's a shame you can't romance him! Missed chance for a "you're so much like your mother" kind of forbidden pining. =3

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