Companions in Greedfall are NPCs who will aid players overcome various challenges throughout their journey. Companions are NPCs which will require a player to forge a bond, to manage and meet their needs in order for them to journey, fight, and talk alongside you. Each companion is unique in its own way provided with their very own appearance, stats, and combat specialization. This page contains a full list of all the Companions you can meet and recruit throughout the game.


Companion System


As you begin your journey to Teer Fradee, you'll encounter various Factions such as the Nauts, Natives, Bridge Alliance, Theleme, and the Coin Guard. Each faction will introduce an NPC known as a companion who can join your party. Depending on your choices and your ability for diplomacy, players can create an alliance with these companions. Upon them joining, players will be given the chance to create a party up to three members who will aid you in combat, while in dialogues and diplomacy, your party members will chip in and react accordingly to whatever is chosen and said. Each companion is different and unique with their own combat specialization, skills, and attributes. In conjunction with the battle system, players can fully customize their companions by regularly choosing weapons and armor that will fully maximize the capabilities of the chosen companion.


Dialogues and Choices


In GreedFall, companions are also unique with their own backstory. As you progress throughout the game, you will learn more about your companion and will, later on, engage in taking personal quests. Depending on what you say, especially with your actions, you will be able to determine what kind of relationship level you'll be able to forge with the said companion. So make sure to pay close attention to each companion by constantly speaking to them and by meeting their needs. Just the slightest mistake of ignoring them for too long will cause a companion to leave your party. In conjunction with dialogues and choices, further developing a close friendship with a companion may lead to romance.


Companions in Greedfall


Faction: Coin Guard

Kurt is a melee combat master and can wear heavy armors.



Faction: Theleme

Petrus can fight from a distance as well as up close, thanks to his ability to wear armors.



Faction: Bridge Alliance

Aphra is an excellent ranged fighter. Protect her from enemies getting in melee range to maximize her potential.



Faction: Nauts

Vasco is a duelist whose extraordinary agility compensates for his lack of protection; he also knows how to handle guns with great ease.



Faction: Natives

Siora can use light blades and ranged elemental magic.


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