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Kurt is a companion in Greedfall. Kurt is a melee combat master who can wear heavy armor. Kurt is a loyal master of arms and a mercenary of the Coin Guard  faction, he is best categorized as a tank-type class who excels as a front-line warrior.


Kurt Information

You've known Kurt for many years, when he became yours and Constantin's weapons master. His childhood was tough and he had a weapon in his hand as soon as he was old enough to hold one. Although he has obviously suffered from it, he does not seem bitter, just a little cynical, and he shows you and your cousin an almost brotherly protective affection.

Missing in Action

Kurt asked you to meet one of his young recruits he wanted to assign to protect Constantin. Alas, it turned out that this young man died under strange circumstances. After investigation, you discovered that he had been sent to a secret training camp and died there.

Among the Ghosts

After Kurt was able to discover the location of this notorious camp, he asked you to accompany him. What you discovered there made your friend angry: recruits were humiliated, abused and even tortured to be transformed into conscienceless killers. You dismantled the camp, and allowed Kurt to get revenge for the death of his protégé. Deeply shocked to learn of Commander Torsten's involvement in this matter, Kurt decided to disobey his orders.


Warning: this takes place immediately after you learn the prince's secret and talk to the Admiral. This quest depends heavily on if you completed the two prior quests listed above. If you have a Nice reputation with Kurt (meaning that you did his prior two quests), he will side with you during the cutscene. He will warn you and Constantin that there is a coup taking place and will stand by you to fight against the other Guard. If you have chosen not to do the two prior quests, he will turn against you and die in the process of the coup no matter if you choose to spare him or not.


Settling Scores

If Kurt survived the coup, he will ask you for your help on one final personal mission: to find Major Hermann and make him pay for his crimes. Travel to San Matheus with him, speak with Aloysius and find out where the Major is hiding. After this quest is complete, Kurt's reputation will change to Friendly and/or you can pursue a relationship with him.  


How to Recruit Kurt

  • Kurt is the first companion who joins your party at the start of the game after completing the combat tutorial.


Kurt Attributes


Kurt Skills

  • Weapons: All Melee Weapons
  • Engagement Action: Balance potion
  • Special Attack: Special move according to the equipped weapon.


Kurt Quests


Kurt Notes

  • Kurt is the only companion in the game that can permanently die.
  • Like with any other companion, to establish a romance with Kurt, your player has to have a high reputation with him. Kurts personal quests mostly start after a main quest has been completed. By doing his quests, you will earn his liking and a romance is possible. After he is romanced, Kurt will greet De Sardet with "Sweet Excellency", everytime he is talked to.
  • The dialogue that allows you to romance him successfully is as follows: After Missing in Action, talk to him. When the option comes up to tell him that you want to understand him better, choose it. After Among the Ghosts, tell him about a childhood memory between you and Constantin. After Settling the Score tell him that you hope that you'll be part of his future. After those three dialogue options are picked, he will ask you to spend time alone with him.



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