Demoniacal Cult in Greedfall is a main quest. This quest is unlocked after completing Old Countries in a New World. Petrus indicates that there is a village where strange happenings between the villagers seem to be happening and requests for De Sardet and Constantin's help to further investigate.


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Quest Objectives

  • Go to the village indicated by Petrus
  • Talk to the missionaries sent by the Mother Cardinal
  • Question Derdre, the village chief
  • Question the village doneigad
  • Question the village inhabitants
  • Speak to Sister Ephesia about the information obtained
  • Search the nervous man's home
  • Divert the worried man's attention
  • Report your discoveries to Sister Ephesia
  • Hide at the village exit and wait for nightfall
  • Discreetly follow the nervous man
  • Follow the road
  • Find a way to enter the passage
  • Investigate in the cave
  • Speak to Derdre about what you saw in the cave


NPCs in the area




Consumables & Materials


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Key Items

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Full Demoniacal Cult Walkthrough

After meeting with the governor of Thélème, Mother Cardinal Cornelia, Bishop Petrus accompanies you back to New Sérène to present himself to your cousin, the governor, Constantin. The bishop mentions that there is a village who seems to be secretive with their rituals and behavior. Petrus requests for your aid to meet with Sister Ephesia and to further investigate the village.

Head to the village

The journey continues after saving the scholars from the natives at Magasvar, Valley of the Great Battle and escorting them back to Governor Burhan in the Region of Hikmet. You will now have to journey to Tír Dob, The Black Lands via the Village of Wenshaveye at Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters to find the village Petrus has mentioned. You can easily travel by heading to De Sardet's residence and interact with the globe to use the fast travel mechanic.

Along the way, you'll discover a sub-area, the "Woods near the Water" and you'll encounter a group of Dosantats. Kill the creatures and loot their bodies to acquire Beast EssenceLeather, and Bile. Now, continue following the quest marker until you reach the travel point. But along the way, you can choose to fight the area boss alongside a group of Thieves or simply ignore them and proceed to the travel point. You'll find the group battling the Nádaig Frasamen, and once you're near, some of the thieves will shift their attention to your party and start to attack. The creature will also start to attack both parties.

This creature is quite a formidable foe since it has a total of 10 armor you need to destroy before you can actually start to lessen its health. For this battle, it is recommended that you have the Set Trap skill in order to lay down an elemental trap which deals high armor damage, Stasis to constantly paralyze the boss and the Magic Healing skill to heal yourself in case you run out of health potions. It is also best to have Petrus in your party since he has high armor and Aphra since she can easily destroy armor. Successfully killing this optional boss nets XP and drops a Horn of the Forest King which is an item that can be traded with a merchant for 150 Gold Coins, make sure to also loot the bodies of the thieves to acquire some ingredients and gold coins - whichever you decide, ignoring or fighting the boss, proceed to the quest marker and travel to Tír Dob, The Black Lands.

Tír Dob, "The Black Lands"

You'll now discover a new area, Tír Dob, The Black Lands. Follow the quest marker that will take you to Sister Ephesia's camp, speak to her to learn more about the heretic's investigation and her arrival at the village, you'' learn that her investigation isn't going well and that the villagers refuse to cooperate with her. She then asks for your help to talk to the villagers to try to get some useful information regarding their strange behavior.

Once you're done speaking to Sister Ephesia, you'll find a campsite near her camp and the village that you can set up. Set up the camp and add Síora to your party if she's not added, she'll be useful later on. After preparing by the camp, follow your quest marker where you'll discover the Village of Vedleug.

Upon arriving, head to the 2nd level of the village and question the village chief, Derdre. Speak to her about the Mageocracy investigation and you'll be given a couple of questions. Whichever you choose, the chief will start to refuse to answer any more questions once you ask her about their rituals where she'll mention that their rituals are the business of the doneigada and the doneigada alone.

After speaking to the chief, head back down to the village and question the village doneigad, Valan. You won't really get any information from him since he will only answer you in riddles - since you weren't able to get a clear answer from him, you'll now be tasked to question the village inhabitants.

From Valan's house, make a right, you'll see a woman standing outside her house. Speak to her and she'll entertain any of your questions as long as you answer hers. There isn't really any negative impact that can affect your status so feel free to answer her questions in exchange for information. However, similar to Derdre, she will stop answering your questions after you've asked her about the village's rituals.

To save yourself time from asking the villagers who are praying, head near the entrance of the village, you'll find another house of Vedleug Villager that looks similar to Valan's. Speak to the villager and he will answer your questions without any trouble. He will only start to be suspicious once you ask him about their rituals.

Once you're done interrogating the villagers, head back to Sister Ephesia and report to her what you've learned. You'll mention that the last villager you spoke to seemed weird and that Sister Ephesia thinks of the same thing as she tried to follow him, she mentions that he often sneaks out of the village and that he seems to be hiding something.

Now, you'll need to search for the nervous man's home. You can do this two ways, you can try to create a diversion by breaking one of his jars or have Síora in your party so that she can convince the first villager you spoke to earlier to help you distract the man.

When the female villager calls the nervous man, head inside his house to investigate what he is hiding. You'll examine the following: a weird mask that seems to be used for an unusual ritual. a painintg depicting war, and a morbid altar.  Don't forget to check for the stone chest to acquire Ammo and the jars containing Gold Coins, 1x Haze Potion, 1x Health Potion, and 3x more Ammo - when you're done, head outside, report back to Sister Ephesia, and make further preparations before going to the hiding spot.

Uncover the Ritual

Upon arriving at the hiding spot, you'll now wait for nightfall in order to follow the nervous man. Now, discreetly follow the villager, make sure to keep your distance since he will stop and look behind him to see if there is anyone following him and if you are seen, he'll start to attack you - try to avoid being found.

Along the way, you'll then encounter a group of Vampire Dosantats, they're quite tricky to deal with since they inflict poison if you are hit. So paralyzing them with Stasis is useful, kill the creatures and loot their bodies to obtain Beast EssenceLeather, and Bile -after killing the creatures, follow the quest marker where you'll discover the Strange Sanctuary. Walk up to the giant tree and a cutscene will follow.

After the cutscene, you'll need to find a way to open the door. And if you've paid attention to the cutscene, you'll notice that the vision is a pattern you'll need to follow, you'll need to light up the stones according to the vision De Sardet has seen and felt.

Walk up to the stones to examine it and De Sardet will mention what is carved on the stone. The combination in order to unlock the door is as follows:

  • Wind Stone
  • Lightning Stone
  • Fire Stone
  • Death Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Life Stone

After activating the Life Stone, the passage to the Bloody Sanctuary will open. Follow the path until you reach the end and another cutscene will follow.

When the cutscene is done, head to the village chief Derdre and confront her about the ritual you've seen, she will then tell you about the truth and provide you the coordinates of a sanctuary to learn more about the said ritual. This marks the completion of the main quest: rewards you with 1700 XP and unlocks the next main quest, Face to Face with the Demon.



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