Face to Face with the Demon in Greedfall is a main quest. This quest is unlocked after completing Demoniacal Cult. After discovering the Bloody Ritual, the village chief Derdre provides De Sardet coordinates regarding a sanctuary that holds more information.


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Quest Objectives

  • Find the sanctuary indicated by Derdre
  • Lead the search in the swamps
  • Question the old hermit
  • Beat the drums
  • Acquire and pour the potion
  • Defeat the creature
  • Discover the creature's secret


NPCs in the area




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Key Items




Full Face to Face with the Demon Walkthrough

After discovering the Bloody Ritual that is kept in secret by the villagers. De Sardet confronts the village chief Derdre about what was discovered. The ritual as explained by Derdre is a ceremony to summon forth the strength of their warriors. De Sardet wishes to learn more about the said spirits and Derdre provides the coordinates of a sanctuary where you can learn more about the ceremony. The party then sets forth to the sanctuary.

Find the Sanctuary

The quest continues after discovering the bloody ritual the village hid and De Sardet confronted Derdre about it. With the coordinates of the sanctuary given by the village chief, travel and make your way to Védvílvie - you'll have to pass through the Swampy Area where you'll encounter groups of Vampire Dosantats, Dantríg, Ancient Dantríg, Andríg, Ancient Andríg, Andríg Herd Chief, Brass Tenlan, Spitting Tenlan, and a pair of Lewoilg - take this opportunity to farm XP and obtain ingredients from the creatures' bodies, you'll also find corpses of Thélème citizens which you can loot to obtain various items.

Upon arriving in Védvílvie, head north, and just before discovering the Swamp Sanctuary, you'll find a campsite at the east side. Set up the camp and make further preparations if needed, there is also a chest near the campsite that contains 1x Major Health Potion, 1x Alchemical Mix of Magic Damage, 2x Ammo, and some Gold Coins.

When you're done, follow the quest marker where you'll discover the Swamp Sanctuary. You'll notice an old man sitting on top of a rock, approach the man to speak to him. This man is called an Aged Hermit, he entertains you by acknowledging that you are a strange party who happens to stumble upon the sanctuary and notices that De Sardet is an on ol menawi. The Aged Hermit mentions that there was also a group of Bridge Alliance soldiers who also tried to investigate the sanctuary and "disappeared" all of a sudden - since the Aged Hermit doesn't remember much, De Sardet decides to lead the search in the swamps.

Investigate the Swamp Sanctuary

Your compass will then be marked with three locations where you'll find three murals, examine the sites and obtain the Old Rusty Key Bearing the Coat of Arms of the Bridge Alliance next to a corpse of a bridge alliance citizen near the site of the mural with an insect to advance the search, then head towards the alliance's camp. 

At the alliance's camp, you'll find a locked chest containing a recipe for the Potion of the Demonic Ritual and a page torn from a journal. Read the note then question the Aged Hermit regarding your findings. Now, ask him about the camp and the note and he'll vaguely remember how to start the ritual. You'll be able to ask him how to play the drums and what the potion is used for.

Perform the Ritual

Once you're done speaking to the hermit, head back to the campsite and use the workbench to craft a Potion of the Demonic Ritual. You'll need to have the level 1 Science talent unlocked and at least 1x Nightshade Berries to craft the quest item.

After crafting the potion, head back to the Swamp Sanctuary where you'll find an altar that has three drums with an image of a frog, rattlesnake, and an insect carved on it. You'll need to play the drums accordingly to the cycle of life. Play the drums in this order: Insect, Frog, then the Rattlesnake - playing the drums in the incorrect order will call out 3x Tenlan creatures that you'll need to kill before you try to play the drums again - upon playing the drums in the correct order, an altar will appear in the middle of the swamp.

Approach it and pour the potion on top of it then a cutscene will follow. You'll come to learn that the altar is the head of a beast and you've awoken it by using the potion. You'll now engage in a boss battle against a Nádaig Védemen. This boss is quite easy to kill, just try to keep your distance since it sprays out a poison cloud that inflicts damage and poison if you are within its radius - slaying the boss, nets XP and rewards you with 1x Memory Crystal, 1x Medal of Saint Matheus, and 3x Obsidian.

Once you've slain the creature, another cutscene will follow and the Aged Hermit will not be happy with what you've done. You'll also learn that the creature used to be a woman, a doneigad similar to De Sardet and Síora before transforming into a Nádaig. It seems that anyone who tries to harness and draw upon the power of the earth within the island becomes a Nádaig.

You'll then come to understand that Derdre set you up and purposely sent you to the sanctuary hoping that you would be killed by the Nádaig. Return to the Village of Vedleug and confront Derdre regarding the matter. This completes the quest and rewards the player with 1800 XP. Up next is, Quest for Panacea.



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