Poisoned Alchemical Mix

Buy Value 28 G
Sell Value 4 G
Weight 0.1
Effect/Usage Damages and poisons enemies that are hit within its range.

Poisoned Alchemical Mix in Greedfall is a Consumable item. Consumables can be used as an offensive tool to deal with damage and negative status effects to hostile characters as well as a defensive tool used by the player to obtain temporary buffs and effects. These can be purchased from a merchant, crafted by using a Workbench, dropped by an enemy or boss, or given as a reward for completing Quests.


Sets a Poisoned alchemical mix which explodes when an enemy comes close, dealing elemental damage to all enemies within its range.


How to get Poisoned Alchemical Mix

  • Found inside chests and crates
  • Can be looted from killed enemies
  • Purchased for 28G from a Merchant


Poisoned Alchemical Mix Crafting Requirements

Listed below are the following Talents and Ingredients required to craft this item:


Poisoned Alchemical Mix Usage

Grants the followowing effects upon drinking:

  • Life Loss: 50/sec
  • Area of Effect: 3m
  • Dose Applied: 11.0s
  • Damages and poisons enemies that are hit within its range.
  • Note: Can be applied to weapons temporarily with the skill Anointed Weapons. [To be verified]



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