Find Constantin at the Palace in Greedfall is a main quest. After completing your preparations and have bid farewell to your mother, Princess de Sardet, De Sardet alongside his cousin Constantin d'Orsay and companions, Kurt and Vasco set sail to Tír Fradí.


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Quest Objectives

  • Find Constantin at the Palace


NPCs in the area


  • n/a



Consumables & Materials


  • Random loot inside chest and crates

Key Items



  • New Sérène Thugs


Full Find Constantin at the Palace Walkthrough

After completing your preparations and have killed the Unknown Creature back in Sérène, the party set sail for Tír Fradí and arrives in New Sérène's port, Port Quarter.

Port Quarter

Upon arriving at New Sérène's port, Port Quarter, the party disembarks Vasco's ship and Constantin is greeted by plague doctors who offer him a "drink". You'll then get to meet Lady Laurine of Morange for the first time as she intervenes to save Constantin from the awkward situation. She accompanies Constantin and brings him to the Governor's Palace - before the cutscene ends, Vasco approaches and mentions that he's been "skullied".

You'll learn that his admiral laid him off and ordered him to "give you any assistance you might need". From there, he'll be available for you to join your party. You can check his equipment and stats, then add him to the team before leaving.

Exploring the Nauts' Warehouses

Once you've gained control of De Sardet, you can now freely explore Port Quarter and the Naut's warehouses before heading into New Sérène. Keep in mind that the warehouses are reserved for the Nauts and that you cannot enter the main door, instead, blend in by changing your chest armor into a Nauts' gear to disguise yourself, and look for another passage. Trying to sneak in without blending in will cause the guards to attack you on sight, and your reputation with the Nauts faction will decrease.

There are a few crates that can be looted inside and outside the warehouses for some Gold Coins, ingredients, consumables, and some gear.

Visit the Coin Guard Barracks

After exploring the warehouses, head to New Sérène and go north or open the character menu and cycle to your journal and choose the side quest Coin Guard Merchandise for it to be marked on your map and compass, along the way you can find New Sérène's merchant- follow your compass until you reach the Coin Guard Barracks.

You'll find Quartermaster Manfred in the barracks, speak to him in order to progress the side quest. He'll mention that the merchandise has bee unloaded into one of the Nauts warehouses and requests for you to find the right warehouse, identify the crates, and mark them discreetly. After speaking to the quartermaster, explore the barracks to find some crates and chests that can be looted.

At the 2nd floor, inside the coin guard's dormitories, you'll find a locked chest that requires a level 1 Lockpicking talent. If you don't have the lockpicking talent unlocked, switch your gear with Kurt's in order to gain the bonus talent attached to his gear. You'll find 4x Gold Coins, 1x Resuscitation Powder, 1x Old Embroidered Doublet, and 2x Worn Tricorne - after exploring the barracks, head back outside.

Return to the Nauts' Warehouses at Port Quarter, and before sneaking in, make sure to change your clothing into Nauts clothes in order to blend in.

From the main gate of New Sérène, make a hard right where you'll find a wall you can climb over. Circle around the back of the warehouse and go through the door which will take you to the other side of the warehouses. Now, enter the warehouse which is on the right side, there, you'll find the crates you need to mark - simply mark the crates and report back to Quartermaster Manfred.

Upon returning to the Coin Guard Barracks, speak to the Quartermaster to complete the side quest and you'll receive 1000 XP, +1 Reputation for the Coin Guard faction, and 100 Gold Coins. The Quartermaster will then request for your help where you'll acquire a new side quest: The Man with the Silver Coin. You can choose to start this side quest, but for this walkthrough, we'll focus on the main quest.

Head to the Palace

Once you've acquired the new side quest and have completed Coin Guard Merchandise, head to the palace where Constantin is waiting. You'll find the Governor's Palace in Orsay Square on the west side of the map. Upon approaching the guards, a cutscene will start.

You'll now get to meet a new companion, Síora. She'll notice you and will try to follow you in order to get in, she'll be stopped by the coin guards and she'll introduce herself as the daughter of the chief of the natives and as an emissary of her people. She requests for your help to see your cousin, and she'll then be available for you to add her to the party - Síora is required to be part of the party, and she'll be locked in temporarily until you finish the quest, remove Vasco first from your team and confirm the setup.

Inside the palace, you can explore the area before meeting Constantin. Enter the room to your right, and then make your way inside the palace's kitchen, you can find the Servant's Key to the Governor's Palace on top of the table.

Head back to the hallway, and enter the opposite room. You'll find the palace's library and the Diplomatic Affairs Advisor inside the library's study room. Speak to him to learn more about his role.

Once that's done, return to the hallway, and enter the door that is next to the stairs. You'll find a crate containing 4x Gold Coins. You can climb up the ladder to find the worker's dining area and the attic at the very top. The door is locked and you'll need to open it from the other side.

If you head to the basement level, you'll find the palace's cellar and an old library, there is a crate that contains 4x Gold, 2x Ammo, and 1x Russula Heterophylla. After collecting the items, head back to the hallway and to the 2nd floor where you'll find Constantin - another cutscene will start upon entering the room.

Síora will introduce herself to Constantin and he'll task you with meeting the Governors of the Bridge and Thélème to give them his formal regards and to discover what they've managed to learn on the island. Síora then interrupts and requests for Constantin's help - after the cutscene, this main quest will be completed and two other main quests will be available: Old Countries in a New World and The Battle of the Red Spears. Up next is Old Countries in a New World.



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