Faction Congregation of Merchants
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Sérène is a Location in Greedfall. Sérène is the biggest city of the Merchant Congregation and is situated on the old continent. Sérène is the first location that is introduced in the game where players make further preparations before setting sail to Teer Fradee.



Serene is the biggest city of the Merchant Congregation, and one of the most important ports on the continent. It is a very old city that sea trade has long made rich, but it is also the ultimate diplomatic city thanks to the neutrality of the Congregation. You can find everything you can imagine here. People from all over the world come together and its markets are full of the most exotic goods.



Sérène Sub-Areas

  • Sub-Area 1
  • Sub-Area 2
  • Sub-Area 3


Sérène NPCs

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  • NPC 2
  • NPC 3


Sérène Related Quests

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Sérène Notes & Tips

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