San Matheus

Faction Thélème
Subareas East Outpost
City of San Matheus

San Matheus is a Location in Greedfall. San Matheus is one of the region that lies within Teer Fradee, the faction of Thélème is situated here. These locations are mostly situated on the island of Teer Fradee and are uniquely distinct from one another.



The region of San Matheus lies to the west of Teer Fradee. Thélème built its city in a cove to anchor ships, and as far as possbible from the city of their enemies of the Bridge Alliance.


San Matheus Sub-Areas


San Matheus NPCs

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San Matheus Related Quests

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San Matheus Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Merchant in main town square sells a purple version of the divine ring of fury which has the same damage rating as the legendary version. It also has better bonus stats too. If you're doing a magic build you'll want this ring :)

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