Congregation of Merchants is a Faction in Greedfall. As you start your journey to Teer Fradee, players will encounter various factions who are strictly separated to their own side of the land. Each faction introduces a companion whom you can recruit to join your party and each faction has multiple quests for players to complete.


Congregation of Merchants Information


The Merchant Congregation is a nation originally formed of several city-states that have united commercially while maintaining a certain autonomy. Resolved to remain neutral in the many clashes between the other nations of the continent, it has positioned itself as a necessary intermediary for commercial and diplomatic exchanges in the old world, and has long drawn wealth and significant cultural influence. But the deterioration of their relations with the natives and the ravaging malichor have gradually undermined its power that it hopes to renew thanks to its new colony on Teer Fradee. It has a complex political system, since the richest merchant families that make up the elite of these cities elect their leaders for life. Each city leader then becomes the principal representative of the Congregation. The largest city of the Congregation is Serene.

Faction Culure

The Congregation is a merchant principality that prides itself on its neutrality. With its purchasing power to keep themselves well-protected through the Coin Guard as well as the demand other nations have on their goods, the Congregation has been virtually untouched by the conflict that engulfs the rest of the continent, mainly between Thélème and the Bridge Alliance (the latter of which wishes to annex the Congregation through peaceful means). Despite this, the Congregation seeks to establish a foothold on Teer Fradee in search of a cure for the Malichor.



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