Starting Skills

Set Trap
One Handed Blades

Recommended Attributes


Recommended Talents


Technical is a Class in Greedfall. Technical class focuses on a specialization for supporting players in combat. Classes start off with a preset of skills at the beginning of the game and can be further invested in by unlocking skills under the Technical Skill Tree and by increasing the level of talents and attributes that benefits the Technical class.


This profile focuses on controlling the battlefield.


Technical Starting Skills

  • Firearms (Skill): Allows the use of pistols.
  • One Handed Blades: This allows the use of one-handed blades.
  • Set Trap: This lets you put alchemical preparations on the ground, that explode when an enemy comes near and damage every enemy in the explosion radius.


Technical Recommended Attributes

  • Agility: Increases the regeneration rate of Fury and damage dealt by Melee Weapons.
  • Accuracy: Increases the power of all firearms and alchemical preparations.


Technical Recommended Talents

  • Science: Unlocks the ability to craft various items.
  • Lockpicking: Unlocks the ability of Lockpicking locked doors, chests, and such.


Technical Skill Tree


Technical Notes

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