Scholars in the Expedition in Greedfall is a main quest. This quest is unlocked after completing Old Countries in a New World, the governor of the Alliance requests for Constantin's help to find the Alliance's research expedition, reports state that the group has gone missing and that there is no sign of life. Constantin tasks De Sardet to investigate the site.


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Quest Objectives

  • Find the scholars' expedition camp
  • Search the camp
  • Find a trace of the naturalist
  • Find the naturalist in the swamps
  • Obtain information on the island trackers
  • Follow Aphra to the native camp
  • Help Aphra to free the members of her expedition
  • Escort the scholars safely
  • Inform Governor Burhan of the expedition's rescue


NPCs in the area


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Full Scholars in the Expedition Walkthrough

After meeting the governors of the Bridge Alliance and T, De Sardet reports back to Constantin and shares the information that the Alliance believes that a remedy could possibly be found by studying the local flora. However, due to the Alliance being in constant war with the natives alongside various creatures that roam around the island, the Alliance's research expedition has been reported missing, Governor Burhan of the Bridge Alliance requests for Constantin's help in finding their people and you are given the task to investigate the site and to rescue any survivors.

Investigate the Expedition Camp

*** Before starting this quest, it is recommended to have Kurt and Vasco in your party. Be careful with adding Síora since you may have to encounter Native warriors later on.

Travel by foot or use the fast travel mechanic to reach Magasvar, Valley of the Great Battle and follow the quest marker which will lead you to the researcher's camp. Once you arrive, investigate the camp for clues until you stumble upon a letter which mentions a naturalist named Aphra.

Before you follow the quest marker, you'll notice that there is a trail of blood, along the way you'll encounter a group of Vaileg, Brown Ulg, and Black Ulg

Now, follow the trail which will lead you to the corpse of an alliance researcher. Investigate the body to acquire a Chest Key and follow the quest marker where you'll end up in a secluded camp, there is a locked chest behind the tent, you can either unlock it if you have a level 2 Lockpicking talent or by using the Chest Key you've acquired from the body. You'll acquire a note from Aphra where she mentions that she felt that she and her allies were being watched and that she had to distance herself from the group in order to avoid the ambush - you'll also learn that she has made her way into the swamps to investigate more about the village and whereabouts of her allies.


Retrace your steps and follow the quest marker until you reach the hot springs. At this point, it is highly recommended that you have maxed out the Charisma talent in order to achieve a 100% success rate of persuading your way out of difficult situations. You'll notice that there are two native trackers by the swap, approach them and a cutscene will follow. If you still managed to keep Síora in your party, the natives will notice her and you can avoid getting into a fight, if you have a level 3 Charisma talent, then you can use it to avoid combat and you'll be able to learn more about the scholars. However, if your chances of using your charisma are low and if you didn't bring Síora along then you'll have no choice but to eliminate the natives.

After dealing with the two natives, continue pushing forward until a cutscene starts. You'll get to meet the last companion, Aphra. She tries to attack De Sardet at the beginning but later on lays down her weapon as soon as she learns who you are. Aphra then asks for your aid to free her allies who are being held at the Dídgídensen Camp - follow Aphra where she'll take you to a camp near the site, set up the camp and rest until night.

Rescue the Researchers

If you're done with your preparations, head towards the camp where the researchers are. Along the way, you'll encounter 1x Alpha Ulg, along with a group of Black Ulg, kill it to acquire XP and to obtain Beast EssenceLeather, and Bile.

After killing the creatures, head north on your compass which will take you to the backside of the camp, you'll find a tight passage which you can use to sneak in which requires a level 2 Intuition talent. If you don't have the required talent, then you'll have to try to sneak inside from the front and most likely fight your way through the natives.

If you chose to sneak in using the tight passage, you'll find yourself inside the camp. Crouch as soon as you make it in and make your way to your right where you'll see a flight of stairs, head to the top until you find a stone chest, you'll find the Key to the Scholars' Cell. Upon obtaining the key, simply follow the quest marker which will take you to the cell of the scholars, make sure to crouch as you approach the area since there is one native guard patrolling the cell, you can also kill him to gain some XP, a random item, and the Key to the Scholars' Cell, or you can simply avoid combat and sneak into the cell - you can unlock the cell by using the said key or by using your level 2 Lockpicking talent, unlock the cell and escort the scholars back to safety

Once the scholars are free, you'll need to escort them back to camp. Head back towards the chest with the cell key. Near the chest is a ladder, at the top of the ladder follow the cliff path above the camp, which avoids any native guards. Drop down the ledge and retrace your steps and head back to the camp Aphra showed you earlier.

Of course, before you reach the campsite, there will be three native warriors waiting and blocking your path. You'll have to engage in battle and defeat them in order to get through, they are quite weak and is easily defeated. Upon defeating the last warrior, a cutscene will follow and your diplomacy will take place.

The island warrior will surrender and asks to spare them their lives in exchange for letting you and the scholars escape. However, the expedition leader is not convinced and mentions that if you kill them, they will only continue to hunt them and the alliance. You are now given the option to either "Spare them" or to "Finish them". If you choose to spare the natives' lives, you will obtain +2 Reputation towards the faction of Natives and +1 reputation with Siora if she is in your party, while choosing to kill them will result in another battle and will lessen your reputation between the natives by -1 point - it is recommended to spare their lives to increase your reputation towards the natives.

  • Note: The amount of Reputation gained seems to vary, as other players report only +1 Reputation gained towards the faction of Natives by sparing the aforementioned group's lives.

Report back to Governor Burhan

After you've dealt with the natives, walk up towards the camp and another cutscene will start. You'll learn that the scholars have acquired a new study regarding a panacea and the group decides to travel back to the Region of Hikmet to report to Governor Burhan.

The Governor will be thrilled to learn that you have managed to rescue their scholars and for bringing them back to the city. During the cutscene, the expedition leader mentions that there is an island woman who visited the camp while they were held captive, the natives called her tirna harh cadachtas who treated her with the utmost reverence. The leader overheard them talk about a universal remedy that seemed to cure all wounds and diseases. De Sardet then decides to take charge of the matter and wishes to talk to woman who may know more regarding a remedy for the Malichor.

Aphra then decides to join the party and she can be freely added to your party if needed. This concludes the quest, unlocks the Quest for a Panacea main quest and rewards the player with 1900 XP and +2 Reputation towards the Bridge Alliance. Up next is, Demoniacal Cult.



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    • Anonymous

      Incorrect information about the two natives in the swamp. You don't need Siora in your party to avoid a fight. I had Charisma 1, wore tracker clothes and a cape, and not only did the natives stop to talk, but I had a 100% charisma check to talk them down. My party was Vasco and Kurt, for clarity.

      • Anonymous

        You can leave the camp without bloodshed by climbing the ladder just outside the cell. Also, you can avoid the natives in the swamp by crouching down behind the first rock and pressing the button to "Spy". You won't understand a thing they're saying, but they'll leave afterwards.

        • Anonymous

          Actually I'd recommend taking Siora with you on this one - she have a lot of input, you don't need to fight natives in the marsh and if you decide to let natives at the end go you'll get +1 to Siora rep (at top of +2 to native rep)

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