Quest for Panacea in Greedfall is a main quest. Quest for Panacea is unlocked after completing the main quest: Scholars in the Expedition. After rescuing the scholars of the Alliance, De Sardet learns that there is a native woman who has a remedy that cures nearly anything.


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Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Daren
  • Find the tierna harh cadachtas
  • Gain the village's trust
  • Tell the villager that the bells have been fixed
  • Find Peddir, the great gatherer
  • Pick the flowers
  • Collect the mushrooms
  • Havest the berries
  • Give the ingredients to Peddir
  • Tell the villager that Peddir has been found
  • Find the symbol of Ongos
  • Question the tierna harh cadachtas
  • Catch up with the Great Shaman


NPCs in the area


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Consumables & Materials


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Key Items




Full Quest for Panacea Walkthrough

Upon rescuing the Alliance's expedition and escorting them back to the City of Hikmet, the leader of the expedition shares that while they were held captive, there was a native woman who was able to cure one of the native's illness. De Sardet sets on a journey to seek the tierna harh cadachtas, hoping to obtain some answers regarding the miraculous panacea.

Confront the Doneia esregaw Chief

The journey continues as you will need to make your way to Frasoneigad, The Ancients' Woods. In order to discover this area, you'll need to pass by the Dídgídensen Camp at Magasvár, The Vale of the Great Battle, this is where the scholars were held captive.

Upon arriving, you may proceed to the camp and fight your way through the native warriors until you reach the Daren, the Doneia esregaw chief's home. You'll find Daren inside alongside her warriors, she won't be happy that you confronted her since she recognizes that you were the one who freed the scholars and killed some of the native warriors, and the conversation ends with Daren and her warriors to fight you. They will lose since they can be easily defeated and Daren will eventually tell you where the tierna harh cadachtas is - since fighting them is unavoidable and even if you bring Síora along, your reputation towards the Natives will lessen by 2 points.

However, if you managed to free the captives without killing any of the native guards, Daren will acknowledge this and even express appreciation that De Sardet went to such lengths to avoid violence. In this scenario, the natives will not turn hostile towards the party and will with some convincing provide the location of the tierna harh cadachtas.

Another option is to proceed west, past the camp, then north up some stairs. You will find yourself at the top of the Daren and be given an option to Spy. You must have Siora along to translate what you hear. Siora will then provide you with the location of the tierna harh cadachtas with no loss of reputation towards the natives.

Travel to the Ancients' Woods

After confronting the chief, follow the quest marker until you reach Frasoneigad, The Ancients' Woods and eventually the Village of Vígshádhír. Along the way, you'll find a campsite that you can set-up which is near the village.

Once you've arrived, the villagers won't be unwelcoming and will try to drive you away. Speak to the native woman first and you'll be tasked to gain the trust of at least two villagers. You'll learn that the villagers will not share the information regarding the whereabouts of the tierna harh cadachtas and that they are busy preparing for the Great Hunt. Since you need to gain the trust of the villagers, you'll need to do this by running a few errands for them. The native woman will then provide you with a task once you "Insist" on asking for help regarding the tierna harh cadachtas - she will give you the task to find Peddir, their greatest gatherer who hasn't returned from the woods.

Simply follow the quest marker and you'll find the Peddir sitting by the river. Speak to him and you'll learn that the reason why he hasn't returned is that he is having a hard time gathering herbs since he is blind. Offer to help the old man to gather the herbs: 3x Borage, 2x Russula Heterophylla, and 1x Nightshade Berries, which can be found near him. When you've gathered the items, go back, give him the herbs, and De Sardet will ask him to head back to the village and Peddir will ask you to keep his secret to yourself - now, head back to the village, report back to the native woman and lie to her about Peddir, completing the task will grant De Sardet +1 Reputation towards the Natives.

Next, speak to the native man standing by his home who is just behind the native woman. He'll treat you the same way as what the native woman did, and you'll have to offer your help in order to gain his trust. The native man will then provide you with the task to repair 4 bells that are used for the Great Hunt - head outside the forest, follow the quest marker until you reach the Course of the Great Hunt.

In order to repair the bells, you'll need to have at least a level 1 Craftsmanship talent. And there are a couple of ways to obtain this talent if you haven't spent your points on the talent: (1) You can try to upgrade your gear by adding an upgrade that has a +1 Craftsmanship bonus, then equip it or simply equip any piece of armor that has the talent bonus, (2) complete all Kurt's side quest and obtain a "Friendly" relationship to unlock the Craftsmanship relationship bonus - just make sure he is in your party, or (3) of course, add your talent point/s to the Craftsmanship talent.

When you're ready, follow the quest marker through the course until you find the four bells. Just be cautious upon reaching the last bell since you'll encounter a group of Brass Tenlan. After you've repaired all the bells, head back to the village and report to the native man - completing the task will grant De Sardet +1 Reputation towards the Natives.

You now have gained the trust of the villagers and it's time to speak to the voglendaig of the mistress of wisdom, Ongos. He'll mention that the tierna harh cadachtas is not in her house and refuses to tell you where she is, but since you've gained the trust of the villagers, he will tell you where the mistress is and asks for your help to find his sacred seal. Before ending the conversation, ask him where he dropped the item and he will tell you that he dropped it near the river. *** MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A DETOUR AND FIND THE ITEM SINCE HE WILL HELP YOU LATER IF YOU BRING BACK HIS SEAL.

Make your way to the forest and follow the quest marker, you'll encounter a group of Venomous Dosantats, Vampire Dosantats, and Tenlan by the creek where you'll also find the Engraved Symbol. Once you've recovered the seal, head back to the village and return the item to Ongos - completing the task will grant De Sardet +1 Reputation towards the Natives.

Find the tierna harh cadachtas

Now, head to the quest marker where it will lead you to an open field where you'll have to fight a group of Tenlan, and from the field head West where you'll find the mistress.

A cutscene will then follow where she'll introduce herself as Mev and the conversation will not end well. She'll run away from you while you deal with a group of Dosantats and her pet Lewolans, kill the creatures and catch up with the shaman.

As you track Mev,  you'll come across a camp, make sure to set it up to unlock its fast travel port.

When you're done continue following your marker until you reach a dead-end and another group of Tenlan, kill the creatures and walk towards the closed passage covered in vines and branches. This marks the completion of the quest, unlocks In Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas, and rewards the player with 2000 XP.



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