The Battle of the Red Spears in Greedfall is a main quest. This quest is acquired after completing "Find Constantin at the Palace". After meeting with the governors of the Bridge Alliance and Thélème, De Sardet accompanies Síora to the village of Vedrhais hoping to aid the natives.


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Quest Objectives

  • Reach the village of Vedrhais
  • Go and speak to Blándid, Queen of the Gaís Rad
  • Go to the field of battle with Síora
  • Save Síora's sister Eseld
  • Find Queen Blándid
  • Find the survivors on the field of battle
  • Heal all the survivors


NPCs in the area


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Key Items

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Full The Battle of the Red Spears Walkthrough

Upon catching up with Constantin, he provides you with the task to meet with the governors of the Bridge Alliance and Thélème. Síora presents herself to your cousin and requests for his aid to help the natives, since the Bridge Alliance and the Natives are at war.

Reach the village of Vedrhais

Use fast travel to reach the destination, Vedrad, The Red Woods. This can be done by using a globe that can be found near Port Quarter outside New Sérène, or head to De Sardet's house where you can also find a globe for fast travel.

Upon traveling, you'll stop by the wandering merchants camp before continuing your journey. Once you're done with your preparations, you can continue further. For this quest, it is recommended to have Síora in your party since you will be passing through the natives' village and Kurt who can deal massive damage since you'll be encountering multiple creatures along the way.

You'll now discover Vedrad, The Red Woods. As you head to the village you'll encounter 3x Brown Ulg, kill it and loot their bodies to acquire some Beast EssenceLeather, and Bile.

You can also find a corpse of a wanderer that can be looted for 2x Gold Coins and 1x Alchemical Stasis Mix, collect the items and continue heading to the village, there is also a campsite that you can set up before arriving at the village proper - you'll know you're near when you see the Natives walking around from the campsite.

The Village of Vedrhais

Once you've arrived at the village, you can immediately find the Native Merchant. Speak to him to check his inventory and then find Blándid, the Queen of the Gaís Rad once you're done - follow the quest marker which will take you to the queen's home.

Upon entering, you'll find that the queen is nowhere to be found and instead, find Arwant who isn't happy that you barged in. Since you've brought Síora along, she will greet Arwant and do the talking for you. You'll learn that her mother has set forth to the field of battle at the forest called "díd e kíden nádaigeis" to fight alongside the natives against the bridge - the quest will then progress and you'll need to head to the marked location.

Before heading out, make sure to check the house where you can find a stone chest containing Gold Coins, 1x Fury Potion, 1x Alchemical Preparation of Elemental Damage, and 1x Tracker's Tunic. You can also find more gold coins, 2x Ammo, 1x Magic Potion, and 1x Alchemical Mix of Magic Damage inside the jars. While just outside the queen's house, there is another stone chest containing Gold Coins, 2x Ammo, and 1x Beast Essence - once you've collected all the items, head to the field of battle by following the quest marker on your compass.

Now, before pushing further, a short cutscene will follow where Síora will recommend you to take the path to the left for a shortcut instead of the right. Listen to Síora since it is a shorter path but you'll also encounter multiple enemies, take this opportunity to get as many kills in order to gain more XP. There will be multiple Black Ulg and Brown Ulg along the path.

Save Síora's sister, Eseld

Follow your compass and you'll arrive at the field of battle. Fight alongside Síora's sister, Eseld and help them defeat the remaining Bridge soldiers, after killing the last soldier, a cutscene will follow.

After the cutscene, your diplomacy will follow. Eseld, who isn't happy that you've shown up when the fight was nearly over will try to demand that you make amends for the great loss of their people At this point, if you've acquired enough Talent Points, it is important that you max out the Charisma talent to level 3, you'll have a 100% success rate of using your charisma to convince Eseld to forget about the vengeance she seeks and to help those who are wounded. She'll then leave the field and you'll be tasked to find 5 survivors and Queen Bládnid.

  • Note: Intuition level 2 should also be sufficient to convince Eseld.

Find the Survivors

The survivors are quite scattered and you'll have 5 hours to search for them, you'll only be able to identify the survivor if you are close enough and Síora tells you that there's a survivor, if she identifies one, the survivor will have a quest marker on their head and their location will be marked on the map and your compass if you haven't healed them. (Remember to loot all the dead bodies to acquire various items.)

The location of the survivors is generated randomly, but you'll find at least 4 of them in the field where you saved Eseld, and the other native where you'll find the surviving Alliance soldier next to the queen's banner. If you've found the first four natives in the field, head north where you'll find more fallen bridge soldiers and native warriors - a cutscene will then follow once you approach the queen's banner.

During the cutscene, Síora will find a wounded solder of the Alliance, and she will try to kill the soldier who tries to beg for help. Your diplomacy will then follow giving you the option to either "Convince her to stop" or to "Encourage her". Choose the option of convincing her to stop in order to learn about the whereabouts of Síora's mother - the soldier will mention that she has been taken by the Alliance and is held captive.

As mentioned earlier, you'll find the last surviving native around the field, finding and healing the last survivor will complete the mission, provides +2 Reputation Points towards the Natives faction, 1,400 XP, and unlocks another main quest: An Ancient Secret

Search the Ruins

From the field of battle, your compass will mark a location for you to search the ruins, follow it until you reach a mural which indicates the past of the Natives. Síora talks more about their history and you'll progress the quest by reporting back to Constantin about the ancient ruins. You'll also be able to unlock Síora's side quest: Find Queen Bladnid - once you are ready to accept her quest, speak to her and make sure you do not have any open or pending side quests from other companions. Up next is Scholars in the Expedition.



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        Recommend not bringing Aphra along for this quest. Eseld will get pissed and you'll have no option for charisma or intuition checks. You will automatically have to fight Esled and you'll get -1 rep with natives.

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