In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps

Mr. de Courcillon tasks De Sardet to recover the notes of Professor Serafeddin containing information regarding the creatures of Tír Fradí.
Quest Giver Mr. de Courcillon
Location Multiple Locations
Reward/s ??

In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps in Greedfall is a Side Quest. Side quests are given by various NPCs, Companions, or are unlocked after a series of events. Upon completion, players will also be rewarded with certain items and XP. Players can check the active and completed side quests by opening the character menu and cycling through the "Journal" section.



In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps Objectives

  • Find the professor's notes regarding the Nádaig frasamen: 0/3
  • Find the professor's notes regarding the Nádaig meneimen: 0/3
  • Find the professor's notes regarding the Nádaig védemen: 0/3
  • Find the professor's notes regarding the Nádaig glendemen: 0/3
  • Find the professor's notes regarding the Nádaig magamen: 0/4


In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps Walkthrough

Note locations

  • Notes regarding Nádaig Frasamen
    • One is found in the Magasvár region, northeast of the Dídgídensen Camp bonfire and east of the Dídgídensen Camp area, slightly to the west from the travel marker of that area.
    • One is found in the Roots' Passage in the westernmost part of Frasoneigad. It is behind a passage requiring Intuition Lv. 2 to pass, to the west of the chasm over which the Tierna Harh Cadachtas leapt.
    • One is found in the Credgwen, after Roots' Passage. Turn to the left after you exit the passage, there is a skeleton sitting in roots. The note is on the ground next to it. 
  • Notes regarding Nádaig Meneimen
    • Magasvár-On the left, almost to the end of the long passage NE of Camp of the Stone Arch.
    • Steiger falág-northmost point of the western section, NNW of the skill altar.
    • Meinei falág-SSW of Daintnem Camp and immediately N of the skill altar
  • Notes regarding Nádaig Védemen
    • One is in the northwestern corner of the Hot Springs area in the Magasvár region, close to a group of Tenlan. Directly north of the Vighulgsob Camp, and northwest of the Smouldering River Camp.
    • One is in the Védvílvie area next to a Bridge Alliance Citizen's corpse behind a large rock to in the northwestern corner of the map. A mural portraying a four-winged insect is on the opposite side of the rock facing east.
    • Tir dob-In a chest on the west side of a clump of trees and rock in the western quarter of the swampy area-NNE of the Swamp Entrance Camp.
  • Notes regarding Nádaig Glendemen
    • Glendgnámvár-in a ruin in Dídrí just W of the camp.
    • Vedrad-In  a ruin immediately SSW of the Did kiden nadaigeis camp.
    • Wenshaganaw-Just on the E side of the river below the rock dam SE of the Missionaries’ Outpost.
  • Notes regarding Nádaig Magamen
    • The first three notes can be found in the Glendgnámvár (Shore of the Tall Bones) region, west of the Vígnámrí Camp. The first two are located on the path towards the Nádaig Magamen boss, the third is located in the cave behind it.
    • The fourth note is located in the Steiger Falág (Rocky Steps) regio, at the top of the little upper bulge in the SE section.


In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps Rewards

  • 200 XP for each set as you find them
  • 800 XP and 250 gold after finding them all and reporting back


In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps Notes & Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Goes Here




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      The third Nádaig frasamen note is found to the left just after emerging from the roots’ passage exit. It’s easy to spot if you head toward the path and turn around.

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