Pest Control

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Quest Giver Contract Board
Location Vedrad, The Red Woods
Reward/s 100 XP
100 G

Pest Control in Greedfall is a Mission. Missions are picked up from Contract Boards in various regions. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with certain items and XP. Players can check the active and completed Missions by opening the character menu and cycling through the "Journal" section.


greedfall wiki bonfirePest Control Description

I will reward anyone willing to kill the foxes who have been entering our camp at night to slaughter our chickens. These filthy beasts either bring their preys right outside the camp or to the south to devour them. Make sure to slay them in one shot, these things are fast!


Pest Control Objectives

  • Foxes killed: 0/4


Pest Control Walkthrough

 There are four unique foxes the player needs to kill. Any other foxes killed will not count towards the objective being completed.

  • East of the Bridge Alliance Camp, a rock tunnel requiring Intuition level 2 to pass connects the camp with the road leading out of the Vedrad region. The fox is standing near a dead Tetra in front of the tunnel.
  • West of the Bridge Alliance Camp, north of the tent in the deforested area, and slightly east of the group of Vailegs and one Alpha Ulg. The fox is standing near a dead Tetra.
  • Southwest of the Bridge Alliance Camp, slightly west of the three-way junction under the large red tree. The fox is standing near a dead Tetra in the shade of the green canopy.
  • Southeast of the aforementioned large red tree, in a grassy area behind large rocks. The fox is standing near a dead Tetra.


Pest Control Rewards

  • 100 Experience Points
  • 100 Gold


Pest Control Notes & Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Goes Here
  • Best to use a gun to kill them.
  • Second best method is magic - ready weapon then lock on and attack as they flee,  The shadow bolt will track and kill them if they do not reach their den before it hits.
  • It is also possible (but difficult) to melee-kill foxes.  When close, ready weapon with fury ready, then sprint towards them and fury attack.  If close enough and timed well, de Sardet will leap forward deliver a killing blow, even if the fox is fleeing.
  • Appears to be all but impossible to stealth-kill foxes (and other alert prey animals)




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    • Anonymous

      There is a bug on this quest.
      Post from Focus Forum:

      "Focus_Victor 25 Sept 2019, 17:56

      We can confirm that there is indeed a rare occurence where one of the foxes won't respawn, and if you missed it the first time you cannot complete the mission.

      The problem have been transfered to the developers is being investigated.

      Those missions are however just secondary bonus content to help people who are behind in experience and gold, you can safely continue the game as it won't stop you from getting any of the quests, endings or achievements.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Best Regards."

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