Bridge of Alliance

Notable Characters Aphra
Doctor Asili
Governor Burhan
Ambassador Sahin

Bridge of Alliance is a Faction in Greedfall. As you start your journey to Teer Fradee, players will encounter various factions who are strictly separated to their own side of the land. Each faction introduces a companion whom you can recruit to join your party and each faction has multiple quests for players to complete.


Bridge of Alliance Information


The Bridge Alliance that gave birth to this state was sealed between several nations in the so-called "bridge region" almost 200 years ago. These nations hoped that this union would be more an effective resistance to their particularly belligerent neighbours, but they also found an economic and cultural strength which turned their new state into one of most powerful on Gacane.

Always seeking to push the limits of knowledge, devoting an almost religious respect to science, the Bridge Alliance is unquestionably at the cutting edge of progress. It is also in the hope of pushing their horizons further and to replenish their finances, which are rather exhausted from the endless war they wage against Thélème, that they have set foot on the island of Teer Fradee and built the city of Hikmet. The capital of the Alliance is Al Saad, home to the bridge nations council and their most prestigious universities.



Bridge of Alliance Related Quests

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