An Aspiring Merchant

Quest Giver ??
Location New Sérène
Reward/s 1600 XP
2 Reputation

An Aspiring Merchant in Greedfall is a Side Quest. Side quests are given by various NPCs, Companions, or are unlocked after a series of events. Upon completion, players will also be rewarded with certain items and XP. Players can check the active and completed side quests by opening the character menu and cycling through the "Journal" section.



An Aspiring Merchant Objectives

  • Ask Intendant Manfred for more information
  • Obtain a patent
  • Give the patent to the merchant
  • Find out about the merchant's cousin
  • Talk to the person in charge of the prison
  • Retrieve the merchant's goods
  • Be a victor in the arena
  • Return to the merchant
  • Meet with Ullan, the leader of Vígnámrí


An Aspiring Merchant Walkthrough

 Walkthrough for the Side Quest Goes Here


An Aspiring Merchant Rewards

  • 1600 Experience Points
  • +2 Reputation towards the Natives


An Aspiring Merchant Notes & Tips

  • If side quest Champion of the Arena has already been started and one or more challenges have been won but the quest remains uncompleted, it may be worth holding off on completing objective "Be a victor of the arena" of An Aspiring Merchant. See notes and tips of page Champion of the Arena for details.



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