Attacks on Caravans

After meeting the governor of the Alliance, the Governor requests for your help to assist their troops against repelling the rebels.
Quest Giver Governor Burhan
Reward/s 1400 XP
+3 Reputation
150 Gold Coins

Attacks on Caravans in Greedfall is a Side Quest. Side quests are given by various NPCs, Companions, or are unlocked after a series of events. Upon completion, players will also be rewarded with certain items and XP. Players can check the active and completed side quests by opening the character menu and cycling through the "Journal" section.



Attacks on Caravans Objectives

  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3


Attacks on Caravans Walkthrough

 Walkthrough for the Side Quest Goes Here


Attacks on Caravans Rewards


Attacks on Caravans Notes & Tips

  • Make sure to not have Síora in your party while undergoing this side quest, attacking the rebels camp with Síora present lessens your reputation with her by 1 point.
  • After dismantling the rebel camp and reporting to Captain Reinhild, you will gain Reputation +2 with the Bridge Alliance, with an additional Reputation +1 if you attacked and killed the rebels.




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