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Coin Guard is a Faction in Greedfall. As you start your journey to Teer Fradee, players will encounter various factions who are strictly separated to their own side of the land. Each faction introduces a companion whom you can recruit to join your party and each faction has multiple quests for players to complete.


Coin Guard Information


The Coin Guard is one of the six main Factions present on Teer Fradi in Greedfall. They are an elite mercenary guild that hires out their services to the other factions and nations, mostly in the form of security and police work. This makes them much like the Nauts in that they have not come to Tir Fradi to fulfill their own aspirations, but merely to provide services to the other groups. They are present in every major colonial settlement, and each regiment wears different colored uniforms to denote which faction they are in service too (Blue-Silver for Congregation of Merchants, Blue-Green for Bridge Alliance, and Red-Yellow for Theleme.)



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