Destroy the Yorglans' Nests

Quest Giver Contract Board
Location Tír Dob, The Black Lands
Reward/s 50 XP
100 G

Destroy the Yorglans' Nests in Greedfall is a Mission. Missions are picked up from Contract Boards in various regions. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with certain items and XP. Players can check the active and completed Missions by opening the character menu and cycling through the "Journal" section.


Destroy the Yorglans' Nests Description

Very aggressive Yorglans have built a nest north of Eden! Be cautious if you need to follow the road to the north-east or go into the bushes. A reward will be offered to whoever destroys these nests. We can supply you with traps...

Destroy the Yorglans' Nests Objectives

  • Nests destroyed: 0/2

Destroy the Yorglans' Nests Walkthrough

Heading north from the Eden Camp bonfire just outside the Village of Eden, there are two main branching paths. There is one Yorglan nest located on each of these, and both are guarded by a group of four Yorglans and one Ancient Tenlan. Destroying the nests requires the application of one Alchemical preparation of elemental damage per nest.


Destroy the Yorglans' Nests Rewards

  • 50 Experience Points
  • 100 Gold


Destroy the Yorglans' Nests Notes & Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Goes Here



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      Well I have level 1 science and armor that adds +1 but it won't allow me to destroy. Keeps saying I can't do that, even after I've destroyed the other 2. Wtf

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