Attribute Description

Increases the power of all melee attacks. Attribute required to wield the best one-handed/two-handed blunt weapons.

Affected Stats per Upgrade

instability-damage-icon-greedfall-wiki-guideStun: +20%
armour-damage-icon-greedfall-wiki-guide: Armour Dmg.: +10%

Strength in Greedfall is an Attribute. Strength focuses on increasing the player's damage dealt by using Melee Weapons. Further increasing its level allows you to wield more melee weapons. Attributes in Greedfall are categorized as the mental and physical passive abilities of the character.


 Increases the power of all melee attacks. Attribute required to wield the best one-handed/two-handed blunt weapons.


Strength Information

  • Strength increases the damage dealt by your Melee Weapons
  • Further increasing the level of Strength will allow the player to wield stronger One-handed and Two-handed blunt melee weapons


How to Upgrade Strength 

Players will need to acquire Attribute Points by increasing the level of their character. However, players will not receive an attribute point for each time they increase their level. But instead, they'll have to reach a certain character level in order to obtain a point. Increasing one's level can be obtained by acquiring sufficient EXP from completing Quests, killing Bosses and Enemies. To learn more about your attributes, open the Character Development Menu and cycle to the Attributes section to find the following:

  • Number of Attribute Points you have at your disposal
  • Total Number of Attribute Points spent
  • Next Level needed to achieve in order to acquire an Attribute Point.


Strength Upgrade Tree

Affected Stats per Upgrade:

  • instability-damage-icon-greedfall-wiki-guideStun: +20%
  • armour-damage-icon-greedfall-wiki-guide: Armour Dmg.: +10%


Strength Notes

  • ??
  • Other notes, and tips go here.



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      12 Jul 2021 01:37  

      Does this attribute also apply extra stun and armor damage to Long swords and sabers? Or only blunt weapons like hammers and axes?

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