Melee Weapons in Greedfall is one out of the two weapon categories that a player can equip which is used to inflict damage on enemies and bosses. Melee Weapons are used in direct hand-to-hand combat which works best in close-range. These range from hammers, clubs, long swords, rapiers, and rings. Melee Weapons can be obtained as an enemy or boss drop, randomly located in various locations, inside chests or crates, sold by Merchants, and can be crafted by using a Workbench. This page covers a full list of all the Melee Weapons in Greedfall which will include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual pages linked below.

Melee Weapons Important Notes

Here are some important notes to remember when using a Melee Weapon:

  • Players can change their character and companions' weapon on the fly.
  • Some Melee Weapons requires a player to unlock a Skill in order to use it.
  • Companions have their own specified type of weapon that can only be equipped.
  • In order to craft a weapon and even a stronger type, players will need to unlock and invest in upgrading the Craftmanship Talent.
  • Some Melee weapons can be upgraded by crafting and choosing various pieces that are slotted into a crafting node to increase the stats, while others do not have crafting nodes.


Melee Weapons in Greedfall

  Melee Weapon Stats
Name & Icon Crafting Price Physical Dmg. Armour Dmg. Quality Requirements How to Acquire Effects
Claymore of the Lieutenant                
Rusty Short Halberd                
Steel Rapier                
Ring of Divine Light                
Sharp Claymore                
Great Steel Pointed Mace                
Naval Officer's Sabre                
Broadsword of the Deceased King -   517 24 100 Long Blades, 5 Agility Complete all five levels of the Coin Arena in New Sérène's guard barracks. Stun 240%, Fury Gen. 12%, Att. Cost Furious 50%
Broadsword of Judgement                
Alchemist's Rapier - 47 185 7 61 One Handed Blades   Stun 75%, Fury Gen 6%, Att. Cost Furious 25%, Elemental Damage 86
Old Blackened Court Sword o o 37 176 8 52 One Handed Blades, Agility 1   Stun 65%, Fury Gen 5%, Att. Cost Furious 25%
Old Rusty Rapier o o 27 160 9 40 One Handed Blades, Agility 1 Vasco Equipped Stun 60%, Fury Gen 6%, Att. Cost Furious 25%
Rusty Stiletto o o 21 145 7 36 One Handed Blades   Stun 50%, Fury Gen 7%, Att. Cost Furious 25%
Old Blunt Foil o o 18 128 6 33 One Handed Blades   Stun 50%, Fury Gen 6%, Att. Cost Furious 33%
Old Rusty Sabre o o 8 140 9 19 One Handed Blades Technical Class Stun 65%, Fury Gen 6%, Att. Cost Furious 25%
Worn Spiked Mace o o 7 156 34


One Handed Heavy Weapons   Stun 115%, Fury Gen 7%, Att. Cost Furious 33%



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