Eseld is an NPC in Greedfall. She is the twin sister of Síora and is first encountered during a quest given by Siora upon arrival in New Serene, The Battle of the Red Spears. She also appears more during Siora's companion questline. 

Eseld Information

Eseld is the twin sister of Siora. They were once identical, only told apart by their very different personalities. Once Siora became a doneigad was when it became much easier to tell them apart, as a result of the changes to Siora's appearance. 

  • Location: Eseld can be found in her village, Vadrhais, in the dwelling next to the fast travel.
  • Progression: Name moves to the ?? after ??
  • Rewards: Finishing a quest grants you the following:
    • xx
    • yy
    • zz


Eseld's Associated Quests

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  • Related NPCs
  • Endings impact


Eseld Dialogue

  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Eseld Notes & Tips

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  • Voiced by: ??




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