Location Vigyígidaw
Faction Yecht Fradí
Voice Actor Jude Akuwudike

DUNNCAS is an NPC in Greedfall. Dunncas is the doneigad of Vigyígidaw


Dunncas Information

Dunncas is diplomatic, and is willing to deal with the colonists for the sake of his people. He is one of the possible choices for a new high king of the Yecht Fradi people.

  • Location: Vigyígidaw


Dunncas's Associated Quests

  • Logging Expedition
  • The Price of Blood
  • On the High King's Trail
  • The New High King
  • The Linking Ritual
  • Islander Knowledge


Dunncas Dialogue

  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Dunncas Notes & Tips

  • Trivia and such go here
  • Voiced by: ??




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