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Vaileg is an enemy in Greedfall. Vaileg is a wolf-like creature who absorbs the blood of its victims to regenerate its health. These enemies consist of both hostile humans and creatures that inhabit the uncharted island of Teer Fradee.



If Ulgs look like bears, the Vailegs are like wolves from the old continent, although they are far bigger. These powerful creatures are able to absorb the blood of their victims with each bite thus regaining health when they attack. Fortunately, they are quite vulnerable to elemental damage.


Vaileg Location

  • Location: ???


Vaileg Notes & Tips

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Vaileg Gallery

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    • I am unsure if the names are translated differently in other languages of the game, but in the English translation all references to this creature are spelled "Vaileg". I also am unable to find any other GreedFall related results for "Valeig" elsewhere on the internet.

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