Locations in Greedfall contains information regarding the various settlements you can encounter in the game. Inspired by Baroque Art from 17th-century Europe, players will journey to the island of Teer Fradee - here there will be factions which includes their area filled with NPCs, questsenemies, and bosses that are waiting to be discovered. This page contains a full list of all the settlements you can travel to in the game.


Tír Fradí (Teer Fradee)

Teer Fradee is home to a thousand promises, secrets, and dangers. The uncharted island is currently inhabited by several factions of settlers from the old continent as well as the Teer Fradee Natives. Tales of endless treasure already brought adventurers in their masses. The rumor of the cure for the plague means nations across the world have their sights on Teer Fradee.


Locations in Greedfall


Sérène is located on the old continent and home to the Royal Palace which has been consumed by the deadly Malichor Plague. Despite the devastating epidemic, the busy streets of Serene still hustle with a diverse mix of merchants, thieves, plague doctors, and ambassadors.


New Sérène

New Sérène was named after it's counterpart "Sérène" on the old continent. New Sérène is on the constant stage of expanding and building on Teer Fradee. The cobblestone streets and rough buildings of New Sérène will be your starting point upon arriving on the island before setting out into the wilderness beyond the settlement's walls.


San Matheus

San Matheus, named in honor of Saint Matheus, the holy founder of religious nations and is home to the Theleme faction living on Teer Fradee. The city was built a few years after the installation of alliances on the uncharted island. 


Region of Hikmet

Located on the east side of Teer Fradee, it is the area of which the faction of the Bridge Alliance is situated.


Glendgnámvár, The Shore of the Tall Bones

A coastal region within the island of Teer Fradee. It includes high granite cliffs and is located on the southeast side of the island.


Vedrad, The Red Woods

A forested area located on the northern side of New Sérène.


Magasvár, The Vale of the Great Battle

A region varied with landscapes, that is located in the North and East side of Teer Fradee. Countless ancient battles have happened in this region.


Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters

Wenshaganw is a coastal region that requires a settler to cross a river in order to reach the said area. Its local inhabitants' rituals and beliefs revolve around the sea and water.


Tír Dob, The Black Lands

Tír Dob is a region that bears the mark of a terrible fire that ravaged the area, thus, being called The Black Lands.



A region where many animals and wild creatures inhabit the area, the swamp filled area is a sanctuary of the natives.








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