Temporal Rift

Prerequisite/s Shadow Burst
Point Needed 1
Skill Tree Magic Skill Tree
Skill Effects
Adds a slow effect when Shadow Burst is being casted.

Temporal Rift in Greedfall is a SkillTemporal Rift is found under the Magic Skill Tree. Skills are categorized in the form of a skill tree and are divided into three disciplines/class: MagicWarrior (Combat), and Technical. Players are not restricted to one skill tree but instead have the freedom to jump onto other trees and to unlock more skills.



Greatly slows enemies in close proximity when casting Shadow Burst.


How to Acquire Temporal Rift


Temporal Rift Information

  • While casting Shadow Burst, enemies who are within its proximity will be greatly slowed


Temporal Rift Notes & Tips

Players will need to acquire Skill Points by increasing the level of their character or by finding a Skill Altar. However, players will not receive a skill point for each time they increase their level. But instead, they'll have to reach a certain character level in order to obtain a point. Increasing one's level can be obtained by acquiring sufficient EXP from completing Quests, killing Bosses and Enemies. To learn more about your Skills:

  • Open the Character Development Menu and cycle to the Skills section to find the following:
    • Total Number of Skill Points spent
    • Number of Skill Points you have at your disposal
    • Next Level needed to achieve in order to acquire a Skill Point.




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