Nightshade Berries

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Nightshade Berries in Greedfall is an Ingredient. Ingredients can be collected by recycling armor pieces and weapons, purchased from merchants, looted from various areas of a location or from an enemy or boss.



These berries were picked from a nightshade bush. Ingredient used mainly in Science to create poisonous alchemical preparations.


How to get Nightshade Berries

  • Looted from killed enemies
  • Purchased for 6G from a Merchant
  • Can be found inside chests and crates
  • All items have a 50+% chance of recycling, with certain items having higher recycling chance as a non-character attribute. Intuition Lv. 3 guarantees a 70% recycle chance, and Craftsmanship Lv. 3 increases the number of ingredients obtained through recycling.
  • They can also be found to the path behind Sister Eshesia and she can be found outside the entrance to the Village of Vedleug, they look like plums on a bush.



Nightshade Berries Usage

This ingredient is used for the following:


Weapons that use Nightshade Berries



Armor that use Nightshade Berries



Items that use Nightshade Berries



Amber  ♦  Beast Essence  ♦  Bile  ♦  Borage  ♦  Crude Iron Ore  ♦  Dragonblood Resin  ♦  Hawthorn  ♦  Hoof Fungus  ♦  Inonotus Hispidus  ♦  Leather  ♦  Obsidian  ♦  Pine Resin  ♦  Pure Iron Ore  ♦  Refined Iron Ore  ♦  Ruby  ♦  Russula Heterophylla



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