Laced Drink

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Laced Drink in Greedfall is a Key Item. Laced Drink is a quest item that can be given to a guard. Key Items or Quest Items can be crafted by using a Workbench, given by an NPC or as a reward for completing Quests, dropped by a Boss, or can be found in a specified area of a location



This drink contains a powerful sleeping pill, those who drink it will immediately fall into a deep sleep.


How to get Laced Drink

  • This item is crafted


Laced Drink Crafting Requirements


Laced Drink Usage

  • Laced Drink can be given to a guard to put them to sleep
  • During the Coin Guard Merchandise side quest, if you have Science level 1 unlocked, you can craft this item and give it to the guards guarding the Nauts warehouse.





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