Inonotus Hispidus

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Inonotus Hispidus in Greedfall is an Ingredient. Ingredients can be collected by recycling armor pieces and weapons, purchased from merchants, looted from various areas of a location or from an enemy or boss.



Rare mushroom found mainly on dead trees. Ingredient used mainly in Science to craft haste, powere, fury, and mist potions.


How to get Inonotus Hispidus

  • Looted from killed enemies
  • Purchased for 10G from a Merchant
  • Can be found inside chests and crates
  • All items have a 50+% chance of recycling, with certain items having higher recycling chance as a non-character attribute. Intuition Lv. 3 guarantees a 70% recycle chance, and Craftsmanship Lv. 3 increases the number of ingredients obtained through recycling.



Inonotus Hispidus Usage

This ingredient is used for the following:


Weapons that use Inonotus Hispidus



Armor that use Inonotus Hispidus



Items that use Inonotus Hispidus



Amber  ♦  Beast Essence  ♦  Bile  ♦  Borage  ♦  Crude Iron Ore  ♦  Dragonblood Resin  ♦  Hawthorn  ♦  Hoof Fungus  ♦  Leather  ♦  Nightshade Berries  ♦  Obsidian  ♦  Pine Resin  ♦  Pure Iron Ore  ♦  Refined Iron Ore  ♦  Ruby  ♦  Russula Heterophylla



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