Innkeeper's Key

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Innkeeper's Key in Greedfall is a Key Item. Innkeeper's Key is used for opening a path to escort the Alchemist. Key Items or Quest Items can be crafted by using a Workbench, given by an NPC or as a reward for completing Quests, dropped by a Boss, or can be found in a specified area of a location



This key opens the service door of the tavern in Serene.


How to get Innkeeper's Key

  • Once you've found the Innkeeper's Storeroom Key, head to the back of the tavern and use the key to open the room. Make sure you switch your gear with Kurt in case you don't have level 1 of the Lockpicking talent, you'll find a locked chest that requires the said talent inside the room and the key inside the chest.


Innkeeper's Key Crafting Requirements

  • Not Applicable


Innkeeper's Key Usage

  • Unlocks the service door of Serene's tavern. This is the path you'll take if you choose to help the Alchemist flee serene during the side quest, The Charlatan.





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