Charlatan's Antidote

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Charlatan's Antidote in Greedfall is a Key Item. Charlatan's Antidote is used for ???. Key Items or Quest Items can be crafted by using a Workbench, given by an NPC or as a reward for completing Quests, dropped by a Boss, or can be found in a specified area of a location



This mixture is supposed to be a panacea curing all evils, except the malichor...


How to get Charlatan's Antidote

  • During the side quest The Charlatan and after you've confronted the Alchemist, head to the back of the shop and loot one of the crates to find the antidote.


Charlatan's Antidote Crafting Requirements

  • Not Applicable


Charlatan's Antidote Usage

  • Give it to the Alchemist to progress the side quest





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