Ceremonial Cuisses of Saint Matheus

Armour Balance Quality Weight Value
56 36% 100 6 50G
Crafting Nodes
Endurance Lv. 3
Armor Piece Bonus
Magical Res. +9%

Ceremonial Cuisses of Saint Matheus in Greedfall is a Leg Armor piece. Ceremonial Cuisses of Saint Matheus is part of the Saint Matheus Set. Each piece of armor consists of passive buffs and effects that provide both the character and companion an increase of various stats.


 Ceremonial Cuisses of Saint Matheus Information


 Ceremonial Cuisses of Saint Matheus Upgrade Table

This leg armor has 1 Crafting Node which can be added to upgrade and increase the stats of your armour.



Name Armour Balance Requirement/s
?? ?? ?? ??


 Ceremonial Cuisses of Saint Matheus Notes

[The following notes are generic]

  • Players can equip and change their character and companions' desired armor on the fly.

  • Armor pieces can be upgraded by using a Workbench. Players will need to obtain various Ingredients and invest in upgrading the Craftmanship Talent by using a Talent Pont that is acquired by leveling up.

  • Some Armor pieces have crafting nodes which allow a player to add trinkets to further increase the stats of an armor piece as well as to change its appearance.





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