Prerequisite/s Devastating Grenades
Alchemical Earthquake
Points Needed 3
Skill Tree Technical Skill Tree
Skill Effects
Stun: 600
Area of Effect: 5m
Armour Dmg.: 247.5
Elemental Dmg.: 495
Att. Cost Furious: 100%

Bomb in Greedfall is a SkillBomb is found under the Technical Skill Tree. Skills are categorized in the form of a skill tree and are divided into three disciplines/class: MagicWarrior (Combat), and Technical. Players are not restricted to one skill tree but instead have the freedom to jump onto other trees and to unlock more skills.



Throws a bomb that hits all enemies in a large area.


How to Acquire Bomb


Bomb Information

  • An ultimate skill in the technical skill tree that allows the character to throw out a bomb. Upon exploding and hitting enemies, it causes stun, armour and elemental damage.


Bomb Notes & Tips

Players will need to acquire Skill Points by increasing the level of their character or by finding a Skill Altar. However, players will not receive a skill point for each time they increase their level. But instead, they'll have to reach a certain character level in order to obtain a point. Increasing one's level can be obtained by acquiring sufficient EXP from completing Quests, killing Bosses and Enemies. To learn more about your Skills:

  • Open the Character Development Menu and cycle to the Skills section to find the following:
    • Total Number of Skill Points spent
    • Number of Skill Points you have at your disposal
    • Next Level needed to achieve in order to acquire a Skill Point.




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